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5-star lawn care providers in Zionsville, PA and the surrounding areas.

We offer lawn care services like lawn disease control, insect control, and fertilization.

Zionsville, PA is a village located mostly in the Upper Milford Township of Lehigh County. Some of this village also rests in the Lower Milford Township and Hereford Township, and its southeastern boundary is the West Branch Hosensack Creek. Zionsville is a city of rich history, as it is home to historic sites like the Dillingersville Union School and Church.

We are 5-star lawn care providers serving residential, commercial, and HOA lawns in Zionsville, PA and the surrounding areas. We offer a variety of lawn care services including lawn disease control, insect control, and fertilization. We also offer services that help you restore your lawn including aeration and overseeding. Check out some of our services more in-depth.

Fertilization, Grub Control, Weed Control, & More

A large back yard in Zionsville, PA that we fertilized and treated for weeds.

We offer a variety of lawn care services to promote the health of your lawn. Lawn diseases, fungi, pests, and insects can be damaging to your lawn if left unaddressed, so we offer effective control treatments for these issues. We also have specialized grub control treatments to target white grubs that are common in the lawns of our customers in Zionsville and surrounding Pennsylvania areas.

Our lawn care company offers effective weed control and fertilization services to ensure your grass has the nutrients it needs to thrive.

While fleas and ticks aren't damaging to your lawn, they can transmit diseases to both humans and pets. To help keep your lawn free of fleas and ticks, we have specialized treatments to remove them.

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Restore Your Lawn through Aeration & Overseeding Services

Aerating the lawn prior to our overseeding services.

Your lawn's soil can become tightly packed due to heavy traffic from industrial machinery or people walking. If you allow your soil to remain compact, your lawn's health will suffer. Here at Green Turf Care, we offer an effective solution to soil compaction.

Through our aeration services, we loosen up your lawn's soil and allow nutrients, water, and sunlight to efficiently access the roots of your grass. Aeration services help restore damaged lawns and keep your grass healthy for the long term.

Our company offers two main types of aeration, which are core aeration and liquid aeration. Core aeration, which is usually performed in the fall, is the process of loosening your lawn's soil using a specialized piece of equipment called an aerator. Through core aeration, we pull up plugs of dirt to reduce thatch buildup. When possible, we try to pair overseeding with core aeration to give your lawn the best chance at growth.

The other type of aeration we offer is liquid aeration, which is when we inject potassium hydroxide deep into your lawn. This process effectively fractures compacted soil. We only perform liquid aeration in the spring, as your lawn will reap the most benefits from liquid aeration during this period.

Check out our aeration and overseeding services in more detail:

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