At Green Turf Care in Zionsville, our lawn treatments are not fancy nor do we employ any gimmicks! Instead, we use our tried and true lawn care methods to provide your Zionsville lawn with what it needs every spring and summer season. 

Not only do we give you the greenest, healthiest lawn possible, we give you the Green Turf Care guarantee!

Where do you start? Take a look at our comprehensive Zionsville lawn treatments including:   

6-step fertilization program

Lawn aeration and overseeding

Flea and tick services

Grub control

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Lawn care in Zionsville is hard work but it doesn’t have to be!

Lawn care is a year-round job that requires a lot of time and energy to cultivate a stunning lawn in the warmer months. Watch emerald blades of grass emerge spring after spring, hardy and thriving when you collaborate with us for all of your Zionsville lawn treatments. 

Not only does your lawn require water, sun, and a good trim ever so often, it needs essential nutrients to really prosper. These nutrients are gathered and spread through natural methods such as mulching and through lawn treatments such as fertilizer — yet for each nutrient to be fully absorbed, the lawn needs to be prepped and ready. 

What does this entail? This means your lawn needs breathability and soil compaction has to be at a minimum, thus lawn aeration may be needed. From fertilization to lawn aeration, each lawn care component builds upon another — the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Once it receives all the delicious nutrients and aeration is addressed, overseeding can be completed. Overseeding is necessary for a thick, healthy lawn, so if your lawn continues to surface as thin and patchy, connect with your lawn care expert about choosing the right kind of turfgrass seed to use on your Zionsville lawn. 

Once you’ve implemented a good lawn care plan and you’re still not seeing the lawn results you desire, you may want to partner with a lawn care company and to address any pest concerns. Many times fleas, ticks, and grubs are overlooked as a potential threat to your lawn’s health, but quite commonly they are the artful culprit!

From spring and summer to fall, there is work to be done to elevate your lawn! Get the best lawn care services in Zionsville when you partner with us today!

The Value In Routine Lawn Care

Lawn care maintenance is vital and neglecting it can have some sobering consequences.

A well-manicured lawn that is thick and healthy is something almost all homeowners are after, but the caveat to lawn care is that it takes effort, consistency, and time that not everyone has. On the other hand, you probably can’t just let your yard go to the wayside. Many neighborhoods, HOAs, and even cities have lawn and weed regulations, so if it gets too long or unruly you may face fines and your yard will be a mess. 

So needless to say, there is a great deal of value in routine lawn care, even if you delegate it out!

What is lawn care maintenance important? Let’s explore it below!

Heightens your curb appeal.

If you’re in the market of buying or selling a home, curb appeal is one hot topic! Potential homebuyers tend to largely base whether or not to even schedule a tour based on what the exterior looks like. 

If your lawn goes unkempt, not only will it be harder to sell and take longer to sell, but it may also decrease the value of your home. 

Weeds will engulf your Zionsville lawn!

When basic lawn care is neglected, there is no doubt that weeds will take over. They will nestle into your yard so cozily and not plan on leaving anytime soon! Weeds are always a headache, but they’re especially daunting when you try to reign them in after letting them run amuck. 

It’s extremely more difficult to eradicate weeds once they’ve matured and spread their seeds — it’s an uphill battle that may end up costing you more time and money then if you would have just kept up with them in the first place. 

It’s also important to recognize that if you have a weed problem, your neighbors might too as a result of weeds spreading their seeds and anchoring in your lawn. When weeds are allowed to mature, they produce more seeds that are blown throughout the neighborhood, bombarding the yards and subjecting them to more weeds — don’t be that neighbor!

Pests and grubs can thrive. 

When grass grows tall and weeds multiply, it also draws in pests. This overgrown lawn is the perfect place for pests such as fleas, ticks, and grubs to claim, and, you’ll never know they’re there until your grass begins to die. 

Pests and grubs begin destroying your lawn at the root level, and even if they don’t ruin your grass this season, they can burrow and hibernate only to begin where they left off.

Lawns require essential nutrients.

You can actually starve a lawn when they don’t receive proper nutrients from fertilization. Most residential lawns don’t have a hearty and robust topsoil so it has to be amended in order to fourish. Curb your lawn’s appetite by giving it the nutrients it needs!

Routine lawn care integral for so many reasons including maintaining and heightening your curb appeal, pest and weeds control, and providing the needed nutrients it requires. 

Do you desire a beautiful lawn but don’t want to invest all the time and energy it takes?

No worries, that’s why we’re here! Our experienced lawn maintenance crews are ready to take on all of your lawn maintenance needs! From our 6-step fertilization program to aeration and overseeding and everything in-between, our lawn treatments are unbeatable! 

And, if you’re interested in doing some of the lawn work yourself, we have amazing products such as our Premier Liquid Aeration to help you along the way. 

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