Fleas and ticks are pests you’re going to have to manage year-after-year and season-after-season, so get the best flea and tick services in Zionsville from Green Turf Care!

Lawn maintenance includes preventing and treating pests such as fleas and ticks on an annual basis, because unfortunately, they don’t just go away! In fact, they love the warm, humid climate of Whitehall which is why this lawn care service is so needed. 

Keep your lawn healthy and disrupt any pesky residents from nesting and eating your lawn’s roots, damaging your Whitehall lawn!

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Fleas and ticks are common pests that can prove to be difficult in keeping a healthy lawn. While there are a myriad of culprits that can disrupt an otherwise vibrant lawn, the damage that fleas and ticks can cause is often overlooked. 

Fleas and ticks just want what most things want — a safe haven with plenty of food and a comfortable place to rest — unfortunately, this just happens to be your friendly neighborhood lawn!  

The first step in treating a flea and tick infestation is determining that you have one! The best advice we can give, is that if your lawn starts to turn brown or begins to thin, don’t wait and call a professional Zionsville lawn care company!

When you take immediate action, not only can you get a direct diagnosis for your lawn, but you are able to stop the damage then and there — preserving and fortifying your lawn. Alternatively, when you do wait, more damage can incur and you may spend a lot more time trying to figure out what the heck is going on.

The best course of action when you have a flea and tick infestation is to strengthen your lawn which means getting consistent with your lawn care treatments. After all, a healthy grass system can better fight weeds and pests such as fleas and ticks. 

If you level up your lawn treatments and you still have an issue, flea and tick services from your local lawn care business may be warranted as they can implement pesticides that are either organic or synthetic. 

Fleas and ticks are typically harmless, but as they encroach and make a home in your lawn it can lead them attaching themselves onto you or your pets and bringing them in your home. Not only can this amplify the pest infiltration, but it can also cause health issues in humans. 

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What You (And Your Zionsville Lawn) Should Know About Fleas And Ticks

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Both fleas and ticks are small insects that can disrupt the health of your lawn and the members of your family — pets always included! They bite and carry serious diseases which is why it’s vital to ensure that fleas and ticks stay out in nature, far from your property! 

Below we’ll examine more about fleas and ticks and how to treat and prevent them from disturbing your lawn and your home!

There’s No Place Like Home: Where Fleas And Ticks Live

If you live near a wooded area or a natural area, fleas and ticks may be closer than you think! The closer they move from the woods by hitching a ride on your pet or clothing, the closer they are to your lawn and home! 

Fleas love humid, shady areas where the air is nice and cool, so if you have an area of grass that is shaded watch out for fleas! Ticks too, also relish the shade which means more shrubbery to seek refuge and keep away from the sun.

Fleas and ticks can often be found in tall grass, mulched leaves, and fallen tree limbs where all it takes is a brief moment of contact for them to transfer from the foliage to a pet or your clothing. 

Treating Fleas And Ticks

These pests may be minuscule but they carry mighty diseases from Rocky Mountain spotted fever to Lyme disease. 

If you believe you’ve been bit, it’s important to wash the areas with soap and warm water. If it begins to swell, try using ice to help the inflammation go down, and follow up in the next day or two with your doctor. 

Specifically, when you find a tick, remove them with tweezers by grasping them as close to the skin and pulling upward with solid pressure. Again, follow up with your doctor and let them know you’ve been bitten. 

Preventing Fleas And TicksThe best way to prevent fleas and ticks from making a home in your Zionsville lawn is to keep a well-manicured lawn — this means short grass and landscaping that is far away from your home.

It’s also taking precautions and moving woodpiles, play areas, dog houses, and basketball hoops away from areas where you or your pet could pick up these pesky hitchhikers. And, when everyone does re-enter the house after being outdoors, it’s imperative to check for ticks and fleas on your clothing and on your pet’s coat.

You can take precautions even further and ensure that your home stays pest-free. There are sprays that deter fleas and ticks that you can spray around the perimeter of windows, doors, vents, and any other areas where fleas and ticks may be able to get in. 

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If the thought of a flea or tick infestation on your Zionsville property creates anxiety, work with the flea and tick specialists at Green Turf Care. We’ll come out and assess your yard to better minimize the risk of these pests in your lawn and landscape.  

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