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Grow a healthier, greener, and thicker lawn using our fertilization, weed control, and overall lawn care programs.

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Full-service lawn care providers available to those in Whitehall, PA and the surrounding areas.

Through fertilization, insect control, and more, we keep your lawn in top condition year-round.

Whitehall is a borough in Pennsylvania's Allegheny County. It became an independent municipality in 1948. Today, this borough has five distinct borders including Brentwood to the northeast and Bethel Park to the southwest. Whitehall belongs to the Baldwin-Whitehall School District and contains above-average public schools. With a population of around 14,000 people, Whitehall is a moderately busy area that contains four county bus lines and access to Pennsylvania Route 51.

Whitehall is an enjoyable community to live and work in, and our team at Green Turf Care takes pride in that. We are full-service lawn care providers available to those in Whitehall, PA and the surrounding areas. Through fertilization, insect control, and more, we keep your lawn in top condition year-round. Learn more about how we improve the appearance and health of lawns throughout Whitehall.

Fertilization and weed control boost your lawn's overall health.

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We offer fertilization and weed control services to boost your lawn's overall health. From early spring until late fall, our team applies fertilizers ranging from organic balanced products to winterizer treatments to ensure your lawn has everything it needs. All of our fertilizers are organic-based, which means that they do not introduce unnecessary chemicals to your lawn.

In addition to fertilization, we also offer weed control to eliminate weeds like chickweed, wild garlic, purple deadnettle, and thistle. If you are located in Whitehall, PA and your lawn shows signs of grassy weeds like nimblewill or Japanese stilt grass, we will implement a specialized treatment plan.

Check out the ways we improve your lawn's health in more detail:

Core Aeration, Liquid Aeration, & Overseeding Services Restore Your Lawns Health

While core aeration, liquid aeration, and overseeding promote the long-term health of your lawn when performed yearly, they can also be used to restore your lawn.

Both types of aeration involve freeing up compact soil. Core aeration is done mechanically using an aerator, while liquid aeration involves a solution called potassium hydroxide. Depending on your lawn's condition and how much use it receives, one method may be more effective than another. Contact our team to discuss which method is right for your lawn.

If you settle on core aeration, we recommend opting for overseeding as well. Overseeding repairs bare spots and restores your lawn's physical appearance.

Learn more about these services below:

We eliminate pests and diseases that are plaguing your lawn.

If pests or diseases are taking over your lawn, check out these services:

Regardless of what your lawn is suffering from sod webworms, grubs, fleas, ticks, red thread, dollar spot, or another serious issue, our team can help.

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Our team here at Green Turf Care consists of full-service lawn care providers that know exactly how to care for lawns throughout the Lehigh Valley region. We offer training to our employees through Penn State, so we are very familiar with the most effective industry practices. Call us now at (484) 452-3595 to set up a consultation for your lawn in Whitehall, PA or a nearby area.

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