Is your lawn is poor shape? If it looks less than green and vibrant, you need lawn care services from Green Turf Care in Whitehall!

Watch your lawn transform with season by season turfgrass treatments that mitigate insects and provide your Whitehall lawn with the nutrients it really needs!

What makes Green Turf Care different? Our comprehensive lawn treatments such as:

6-step fertilization program

Lawn aeration and overseeding

Flea and tick services

Grub control

Give your lawn the opportunity to thrive this season with customized lawn treatments in Whitehall from our leading lawn care business! 

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At Green Turf Care, we are the leading resource to beautiful and well-maintained Whitehall lawns — from our 6-step fertilization program down to flea, tick, and grub control services!

Beautifying your Whitehall property is what we do best — we’re a professional lawn care company that guarantees the work we do so you’ll know you’ll have a healthy, thick lawn every new season.

But how does a green lawn emerge every spring? It takes thoughtful and planned lawn care work from us, sprinkled with a little water, sunshine, and lawn maintenance from you! 

If your Whitehall lawn could use a little greening up, collaborate with us and put together a tailored lawn care plan that takes your lawn’s needs into consideration. A Green Turf Care Plan in Whitehall includes:

6-step fertilization  – This program nourishes your lawn with a custom blend of fertilizer and weed control spring through late fall to ensure that your lawn is its healthiest all year round!

Lawn aeration and overseeding – Our lawns can become dry, thinning, and patchy, not to mention, compacted, so lawn aeration and overseeding are lawn care treatments that fortify and strengthen your lawn for a full, vibrant yard every spring and summer. 

Grub control – Grub control may be on the bottom of your list when it comes to lawn care in Whitehall, but sometimes those little critters are the first and worst offenders!

Flea and tick  – A flea and tick infestation is not only harmful to your lawn, but also to those — pets and family members — who inhabit it. Keep fleas and ticks outside and away from your home. 

When it comes to a lush lawn that you can enjoy, don’t hope and wish in early spring that it will be green, know that it will be because of lawn care it received throughout the year!  

Don’t sleep on lawn care services in Whitehall any longer, and schedule an appointment with us today!

7 Reasons You Need Your Lawn (That You May Not Even Realize)

Lawns are important which makes lawn care a priority! 

Lawn care is an essential and forever ongoing part of being a homeowner in Whitehall, and whether or not it’s something you enjoy doing, typically it’s mandated by the city or an HOA. 

Lawn upkeep is a priority for many reasons such as curb appeal, but do you know why lawns are needed? At Green Turf Care, keeping lawns beautiful and well-manicured is what we do! Learn more about why we need lawns and how we can help!

Lawns cultivate a better quality of life!

Whitehall summers are amazing — from watching your kids run through the sprinklers to spending a relaxing evening watching the sunset and stargazing from a blanket — your lawn plays a front and center role, only adding to the richness of your days! There are more laughs and more outdoor activities when you have a well-maintained and healthy lawn. 

Lawns foster community pride!

You never thought that lawns would bring people together, but they do! When one person in your neighborhood has an amazing yard, people want to replicate it as a source of inspiration. And so, that little seed is planted, and yard after yard in neighborhoods line the community of Whitehall, each one taking pride in their lawn and creating a beautiful city to live amongst!

A healthy lawn does wonders for the environment.

Not only does a healthy lawn look great, but it also helps the environment. Think about it — if we all had dirt in our yards, it would be one dry and dusty place — but, a healthy turf generates oxygen and improves the air we breathe!

Lush lawns bring a hush.

Lawns are a noise-buffer! When every home in every neighborhood in Whitehall has a lush, healthy lawn it greatly reduces noise pollution! We may not even recognize this benefit because it’s something we’ve never really had to notice, but if lawns went, the noise would climb, resembling a city! 

Lawns are eco-friendly.

Not only do lawns help filter noise they help to reduce air pollution, posing as a natural filter to our environment. Lawns help catch and trap air particulates that may also help to reduce your home’s exposure to allergens such as pollen. 

Lawns help regulate temperature extremes.

Whitehall summers can be brutal between the high temperatures and humidity, but thanks to healthy, thick lawns, they help dissipate heat, making for natural temperature regulation. 

Lawns promote flood control.

Whitehall can see an influx of spring and summer storms, producing a good amount of rainfall. The great news, again, that we may not even realize, is how lawns help control flooding. Lawns are able to absorb and soak in a good amount of moisture that might otherwise flood drains and back up our streets and sidewalks, causing floods. 

Get amazing lawn care in Whitehall with Green Turf Care!

Lawn care is vital not only because it fosters community pride and creates a better quality of life in our neighborhoods, but because it dampens noise, reduces pollution, and helps control floods. 

So, don’t put off lawn care for your Whitehall property, and schedule an appointment today!