Flea and tick prevention isn’t a one-time thing, it’s something as Whitehall residents you need to do on an annual basis. 

Because Whitehall is a hot spot for fleas and ticks — they love the warm, humid climate — they are pests you’re likely going to have to deal with season after season! So, make it easy on yourself and partner with a lawn care business that has perfected their flea and tick services!

At Green Turf Care, we have decades of knowledge and experience treating Whitehall homes for fleas and ticks. Our process is simple and effective!

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Did you know that according to the CDC (Center For Disease Control), Pennsylvania is one of the states with the highest prevalence of Lyme disease cases? This is important to note because ticks are one of the most common causes of Lyme disease, and they begin right in your yard.

Leave fleas and ticks to the great outdoors!

Fleas and ticks gravitate out from the woods and into Whitehall lawns because they’re drawn to the warmth and humidity that your yard brings — they have everything they need, especially an unlimited food and water source. 

When Tick Season Begins

Deer ticks are some of the most common ticks you’ll see in Whitehall and they begin to emerge after the temperature climbs above 32 degrees. This is important to note because if Whitehall experiences an unusually warm winter with temperatures over 32 degrees, this means ticks could be around all year round! 

Flea Season

Similarly to tick season, fleas are active when the weather is warm and humid — between 65 and 80 degrees with humidity levels between 75 and 85 percent. Fleas can be found nesting in the surrounding environment and active when the temperatures are warm. They’ll lay eggs and then burrow into the soil in the winter, only to reemerge in the spring. So, even if you don’t see fleas, they’re  there!

Whitehall Flea and Tick Prevention

While there are measures you can take for your animals to guard against fleas and ticks, it’s always important to treat the source, which is typically your lawn. 

Great lawn care is the first preventative step — when you keep it trim and healthy with the right balance of fertilizer, water, and sunshine, it can help ward off these pesky insects. Ensure that your irrigation is watering your lawn evenly and that it’s absorbing properly (hello lawn aeration!). Standing and pooled water draws fleas and ticks in, so it’s important to mitigate any these issues in addition to any leaky outdoor faucets. 

If you do suspect a flea or tick infestation, it’s vital that you call your local lawn care team to address it — they can both treat the issue at hand and help you prevent flea and ticks in the future.  

For a beautiful, thriving Whitehall lawn, partner with Green Turf Care! We specialize in flea and tick services to keep your lawn healthy and the fleas and ticks away from your yard.

Treating Fleas And Ticks in Whitehall

Here comes the sun — and the fleas and ticks!

What we know about fleas and ticks is that they absolutely thrive in the Whitehall weather — the sun, the humidity, and the fertile soil makes a 5-star hotel for these pests that may even turn into a permanent residence if you’re not on top of it! And, Pennsylvania is the state with one of the highest numbers of Lyme disease, all thanks to ticks and their many varieties. 

So, when it comes to pest control for ticks, are any one species treated differently? While in Whitehall you will see many different species of ticks — roughly 25 in total — including the American dog tick, the deer tick, the black-legged tick, the lone star tick, and the groundhog tick, but how they’re treated and prevented is typically the same although different lawn care companies and pest control may use varying methods. 

It is important, however, to keep in mind that the way you would treat termites or spiders, is not necessarily how you would treat fleas and ticks — pest control ranges from one pest to another.

Treating fleas and ticks will likely depend on the specifics of your lawn — a one-size-fits-all approach just doesn’t work, and unfortunately, you can’t go to your home improvement store and buy a remedy for ants, rodents, and fleas and ticks! Each pest is a little different and pretty highly adapted to where what works for one will not work for the other. 

Working With Whitehall Lawn Care Professionals

All lawns have different needs, including flea and tick control. Sure it would be easy to blast your lawn with a concoction of chemicals that kill fleas and ticks, but it will also probably kill your lawn in the meantime. 

When you work with Green Turf Care, you get an individualized lawn treatment that fortifies your lawn while addressing fleas and ticks, and, each treatment is tailored for your yard — we won’t apply thick chemicals — we always go for the most moderate and natural route first.

We’ll take into account the type of infestation and develop a protocol to align with the specific situation. Our professional flea and tick control methods address all stage’s and not just one stage of development — when you only deploy one tactic it greatly limits the the success of flea and tick removal for your Whitehall lawn, so instead you need an all-encompassing and thorough solution to your flea and tick issues. 

Fleas and ticks are pests that you don’t want to haphazardly treat — an infestation can result in life-altering diseases for both you and your animals so it’s integral to treat them professionally right away. 

At Green Turf Care, we address flea and tick treatments holistically in that we assess your yard before we create a plan of action. And because each yard is different, we tailor pest control accordingly.  

Alleviate your Whitehall flea and tick concerns for good and connect with us today!