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Green fertilized lawn at a property in Wescosville, PA.

Wescosville, PALeading lawn care service provider

Our team provides many lawn care services to improve the health of your lawn, including fertilization, aeration, weed control, overseeding, and much more. 

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Our professional lawn care services are highly-rated by our clients in and around Wescosville, PA.

Through fertilization, insect control, and other services, we improve your lawn's long-term health.

Wescosville is located between Trexlertown and Allentown in Pennsylvania's Lower Macungie Township. This census-designated place is found in Lehigh County. Its primary business district is bisected by the Pennsylvania Turnpike Northeast Extension and runs along Hamilton Boulevard. Wescosville is home to a lot of retirees and a majority of residents are homeowners who need their lawns cared for.

We offer highly-rated lawn care services for homes in and around Wescosville, PA. Our lawn care professionals also tend to the lawns of businesses and HOAs when these clients approach us. Through fertilization, insect control, and other services, we improve your lawn's long-term health.

For lawns that have experienced heavy damage, we perform liquid fertilization and liquid aeration side by side.

Our company truck equipped with liquid aeration and fertilization solutions.

For lawns that have become compacted or have heavy damage, we recomend these two lawn care treatments in tandem:

Liquid aeration is the process of breaking up compacted soil by injecting your lawn with a solution of potassium hydroxide. This service is less taxing on your lawn, so it can be performed in the spring even when your lawn in Wescosville and surrounding Pennsylvania area is recovering from the long winter. When we perform liquid aeration, we also like to fertilize your lawn. Our fertilization process begins in early spring and continues through late fall. By performing liquid aeration and fertilization in the same period, your lawn will gain access to important nutrients.

We pair our core aeration and overseeding services to repair bare spots and curb weed growth.

When your lawn is being smothered by weeds, has become damaged, and has unsightly bare spots we recomend:

Core aeration is the process of poking small holes in your lawn's soil. Without this service, your lawn's soil will remain compact, which makes it difficult for it to absorb nutrients and water. We primarily perform core aeration in the fall, as it may cause extensive lawn damage if it is performed at any other point during the year.

Overseeding involves spreading grass seed over your existing lawn. We typically use tall fescue or Kentucky bluegrass seed for our clients in Wescosville, PA. Our team likes to pair overseeding with core aeration because your lawn's soil will be adequately opened up. This way, your grass roots will be able to establish themselves more efficiently and absorb the nutrients they need.

Our other lawn care services include pest, disease, and weed control.

Apart from aeration, fertilization, and overseeding, our other lawn care services include:

Lawn damaged by grubs at a home in Wescosville, PA.

We prevent pests like grubs, fleas, ticks, and armyworms from taking over your lawn. Our lawn care providers are also prepared to eradicate weeds and diseases from your grass.

Is your lawn ridden with weeds, pests, or other issues? Call our team today.

If your lawn is ridden with weeds, pests, or other issues, our team can help. We have the industry knowledge and experience necessary to tend to your lawn. Call our lawn care providers today at (484) 452-3595 and we will serve your lawn in the Wescosville, PA and other local areas.

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