Lawn care is pretty straightforward but things can get tricky when you’re starting with a lawn that’s in poor shape. Whether you have a grub infestation or a yard that is starved for nutrients, your Wescosville lawn needs a reboot, and Green Turf Care is your lawn care ally!


Our lawn treatments are built around the needs of your lawn and include our foundational services such as: 


6-step fertilization program

Lawn aeration and overseeding

Flea and tick services

Grub control


So, if your Wescosville lawn is lack luster, invest in the health of your lawn today! Call our office for a lawn care estimate today!





Get comprehensive lawn care services in Wescosville with Green Turf Care today!

A lawn just isn’t a lawn in Wescosville, it’s a well-respected piece of curb appeal! If you’ve perused neighborhoods, you know how lush and green some of their lawns are, and unfortunately, it doesn’t happen overnight or in one season for that matter!

To keep up with Wescosville yards, you need lawn care services from Green Turf Care!

At Green Turf Care, we provide thorough and comprehensive lawn care treatments that will bring healthy sprigs of green grass every spring! 


When lawn care isn’t a one-season job…

A gorgeous, thick lawn doesn’t happen overnight — it takes diligent work, effort, and year-round lawn care to achieve what many of your Wescosville neighbors have! Lawn care isn’t one season, it’s performed and maintained in the summer through late fall! 

Collaborate with us for a healthy lawn in every season! Our lawn care services in Wescosville include:

  • 6-step fertilization
  • Lawn aeration and overseeding
  • Flea and tick services
  • Grub control


All of these greatly impact the health of your lawn in one way or another. 

Without proper soil nutrients and a robust soil pH, your lawn is starved from basic nutrients that will help it grow and thrive. Our 6-step fertilization is here to amend the soil and deliver all the nutrients your lawn needs. 

Lawn aeration and overseeding for your Wescosville lawn minimizes soil compaction and allows it to breathe (lawn aeration) allowing all of the nutrients to penetrate and nurture the soil. Overseeding, especially with a variety of warm- and cool-season grass seed varieties, can restore and fortify thinning and bare patches in your lawn. 

Our flea and tick services can help both treat an infestation and prevent them from happening. We can provide you with a myriad of resources to keep these pests at bay!

It’s also integral to mention grub control because these insect larvae cause some of the most damage to lawns, yet go unnoticed because homeowners think the damage is from something else. So, if you begin to see dead or brown patches of an area in your lawn, call us for a proper diagnosis! It’s important to get ahead a grub infestation because if left to their own devices, they can ruin a perfectly healthy lawn in no time!

If you’re a Wescosville resident, treat your lawn to the leading lawn care with services ranging from fertilization and aeration and overseeding to flea, tick, and grub control services.


Reach out and schedule a free lawn estimate today!