Don’t just be another Wescosville lawn — instead, be the lawn that everyone models their lawn after! A part of lawn care maintenance is more than just mowing, watering, and getting enough sun, it also involves lawn treatments such as lawn aeration and overseeding!


Lawn aeration and overseeding are the gold standard in creating a Wescosville lawn that you’ll love!


Imagine a lawn that is full, thick, and a vibrant green — these lawn treatments can do just that! Lawn aeration preps your lawn to receive grass see and nutrients while reducing compaction and thatch, while overseeding covers thinning grass areas. 


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Let your lawn breathe and soak up nutrients with lawn aeration and overseeding in Wescosville!

Beyond watering, mowing, and fertilization, lawn aeration and overseeding play an integral role in regular lawn care maintenance! 


Wescosville Lawn Aeration

Over time, your lawn becomes compacted from use — from your animals and kids playing on it to any traffic that is above it. The weight or impact slowly puts a burden on the soil and becomes compacted, and compaction is bad for the health of your Wescosville lawn!

Enter lawn aeration!

Lawn aeration quickly reduces soil compaction and allows your lawn to breathe, not to mention absorb vital nutrients it may have been missing out on! Aeration allows water, oxygen, and nutrients to get to the soil and grass root, making them healthier in the process! 

Aeration pulls small soils plugs from your yard leaving both a hole in the soil and a soil plug that sits on the surface that will gradually decompose back into the grass through rain and moisture. 


Wescosville Lawn Overseeding

Overseeding proceeds a good lawn aeration! With the exposed soil, lawn seed can be spread and properly permeate the soil, sinking deep enough to take root and sprout new grass! With new grass growth, you get a fuller, thicker lawn. And, with a variety of warm- and cool-season grasses, it better protects your lawn from drought, weeds, and insect infestations!

Fall is one of the best seasons to incorporate lawn aeration and overseeding because the weather is cool enough (but not too cold) to let the seeds penetrate and prepare to sprout come springtime! 

Implement lawn aeration and overseeding in your Wescosville lawn care maintenance today for a lawn that is stout and ready to sprout! 


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