Grubs surface season after season, and it may be an all-new variety each year! Protect your Wescosville lawn with the help of Green Turf Care. 

Unfortunately, the same grub won’t pop up every season so it’s crucial that not only do you get an official grub evaluation from your Wescosville lawn experts, but that you invest in this lawn care service annually. 

While all grubs are different, most leave a trail of dead and patchy grass, so if you begin to see increased animal activity, a spongy feeling surface, or grubs in or along your grass line, this may indicate you need grub control!

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Clear grubs from your Wescosville lawn for good with Green Turf Care!

Grubs can become a huge issue for Wescosville lawns because they cause the grass to turn brown and eventually die as a result of their roots being eaten. 

The real concern is the grub problem being identified correctly, because many times, it can be disguised as something else — improper lawn care maintenance, too much or too little fertilizer, or even drought. And because dead grass can be blamed on just about anything, grubs are often overlooked!

Familiar Signs of Grubs

If you begin to witness your otherwise healthy lawn begin to shrivel, turn brown, and die in patches, it’s important to first rule out grubs. 

A local lawn care company can diagnose a grub issue or you can look for the following signs including:

Heightened animal activity – When grubs are around, so are those that love them as a tasty snack including birds and critters. 

A Spongy, soft surface – Because grubs have soft bodies, they can often make an area of grass feel soft and squishy. 

Grass that pulls up like carpet – Grubs are no strangers to grass roots and that is their meal of choice. Because they chew away the root, the grass can easily pull up because nothing is securing it. 

Grubs are an adaptive insect in that it’s difficult to disrupt their life cycle to end the infestation. Grubs will feast in late fall and burrow deep into the soil in the winter, only to emerge lay eggs and continue to eat the roots. 

If you know you have grubs but are having a hard time controlling — it’s not always the same species each season — it’s time to get grub control from Green Turf Care!

Green turf care can easily identify grubs and treat them right away, disrupting the life cycle. 

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