Wescosville has a high rate of flea and tick infestations, that it’s not uncommon to have them in your yard. So, if you begin to see them, turn to Green Turf Care for solutions! 

Fleas and ticks cause damage to your yard by burrowing just beneath the surface where you really can’t see them and then eat away at your grass starting with the roots! They also carry disease, so they’re bad for the health of your pets and family. 

When it comes to our flea and tick services, we have it down to a science! We’ll come and assess your yard, apply a customized flea and tick barrier, and schedule a follow up to evaluate the progress! 

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Avoid flea and tick issues on your Wescosville lawn with the help of Green Turf Care!

Flea and ticks can make life miserable — not only are they interrupting an otherwise peaceful outdoor environment, but they can make animals and humans very sick! 

Don’t take that chance and get flea and tick services in Wescosville today!


Where are fleas and ticks found?

Fleas and ticks are found in brushy, grassy, heavily vegetated, and wooded areas in Wescosville. They love the coverage to hide from any predators, but love the chance to feel the warm sun and attach themselves to an animal or human. 

They only leave the great outdoors and move inwards to your home if the environment is a bit more attractive — humid, warm, and covered! 


When are ticks active in Wescosville?

Ticks are active in weather 32 degrees and above — so it doesn’t have to be in the heart of summer to get them out! It’s also important to remember that if you have an unseasonably warm fall and winter, ticks could potentially be active all year long! 

Ticks peak in the late summer months and Wescosville has over 25 species, including the deer tick, American dog tick, and black-legged tick.


Additional Tick Information

Ticks are highly adaptive and it’s been thought that ticks can survive in water for up to two to three days, so if you think you have ticks and you go to wash your clothes, it likely won’t help!

If you do have ticks on your clothes, stick them in the dryer. Because ticks need moisture to survive, the dry heat of the dryer will suck the moisture from them, killing them in the process. 


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If your lawn is taking a beating, it may be as a result of flea and ticks who love to burrow and eat grass roots, killing your lawn in the process! And, they can also cause health consequences to both humans and animals. 

Take care of fleas and ticks when you schedule an appointment with us today!