All Wescosville lawns need protection and nutrients that fertilizer provides, but DIY fertilizer can be confusing. Many Wescosville want to improve their lawns so they’ll apply too much fertilizer or they’re afraid to ruin it and end up applying too little — this is the trouble with fertilizer!

At Green Turf Care, we’ll apply just the right amount of fertilizer to your Wescosville lawn spring through fall to combat disease and weeds that can destroy your lawn.

From slow-rate fertilizers in the warmer seasons to a winterization fertilizer in the fall, we have your lawn covered year-round!





Watch your Wescosville lawn thrive with our 6-step fertilization program! 

Lawn care maintenance happens in just about every season, so you can start our 6-step fertilization at any time! Fertilization is an integral piece to a healthy, verdant lawn — it provides your lawn with the nutrients it needs to not only thrive but to better defend itself from drought,  pests, and weeds. 

Give your lawn the best with our 6-step fertilization program!

When you partner with us for lawn fertilization in Wescosville, you get a series of lawn treatments from early spring to late fall. Let’s examine fertilization in each season.

Early springs marks a balanced, slow-release fertilizer that helps cultivate cell development of grass. It halts excessive new growth and helps to contain crabgrass and broadleaf weeds. 

In early summer a fertilizer is applied to help darken the grass and give it a deep, emerald color, in addition to crabgrass and broadleaf weed control applications. 

Summer requires low nitrogen rates and a non-burning fertilizer for a healthy lawn that combats weeds and the hot summer temperatures.

Early fall implements a fertilizer that helps develop the root systems and applies weed control.

The fall continues to use a heavy rate of balanced fertilizer to further enhance the roots while applying broadleaf weed control. 

Late fall is where our 6-step fertilization program ends. When soil temperatures reach 43 degrees and below a winter fertilizer is applied to support a disease-resistant turf and beautiful green turf, come next spring.  

As you can see, each fertilizer treatment builds upon the season and slowly but surely helps cultivate a turfgrass that is going to be healthy, full, and green in the warmer seasons. This is why it’s important to have a 6-step fertilization program, to keep your grass looking amazing, though every season. 

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