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Yellow nutsedge growing in an Allentown, PA lawn.

Common Weeds in the Greater Lehigh Valley, PA area

Our company is trained to identify each of the different grasslike and broadleaf weed species known to grow in lawns in our area of Pennsylvania.

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Most commonplace weeds seen growing on properties through the Lehigh Valley area, including Allentown, Bethlehem, Emmaus, and more.

Properly identifying various weed species is essential so the correct course of treatment can be provided for your lawn.

Weeds are a nuisance that nobody likes seeing growing on their lawn. These invasive plants steal nutrients out of the soil meant for the grass, crowd space for new growth, and impact the overall pH levels of your lawn.

Permanently removing weeds can be a painstaking task if you don't know how to correctly treat for them. Not knowing the species also affects the kind of preventative care done beforehand that can help minimize their appearance.

Our team at Green Turf Care are trained to understand the difference between the different varieties of weeds we see growing in lawns through the Lehigh Valley area.

Residential and commercial properties in Allentown, Bethlehem, and Emmaus are encouraged to reach out to us if you begin noticing any of the following weeds listed below growing in your lawn!

Various grass & grasslike weeds found in lawns throughout Lehigh Valley, PA

Wild garlic growing in a lawn near Emmaus, Pennsylvania.

One difficult part of identifying grass and grasslike weeds is how they seamlessly blend in with the rest of your lawn. An untrained eye may not be able to make the distinction between what's grass and what is actually an invasive weed.

Understanding the life cycle of various weed species is also important. While some weeds might be able to be hand-pulled, perennial weeds have deeper root systems that will continue producing new growth if they aren't fully removed.

These grass and grasslike weeds are some of the most common species we observe when surveying residential and commercial lawns:

  • Crabgrass - Crabgrass is one of the most common grasslike weeds that grow in our area of Pennsylvania. It thrives in mostly nutrient-deficient lawns and, true to its name, has many "legs" that makes the weed resemble a crab.
  • Creeping bentgrass - Bentgrass creates a thick mat of grass and is extremely fast-growing. Its consistency and texture make it great for golf courses, but it's very high maintenance for normal residential and commercial lawns.
  • Japanese stiltgrass - This native weed species from Japan can cause some of the worst damage to lawns. It's an incredibly aggressive weed that is known for destroying habitats and is considered to be one of the most invasive plant species, according to the USDA.
  • Nimblewill - Since nimblewill is a type of grass, it is not easy to remove and doesn't respond well to traditional herbicides alone. Specialized treatments need to be administered by a professional to control nimblewill from spreading across the rest of your lawn.
  • Wild garlic - As the name suggests, wild garlic gives off a garlicky aroma that intensifies after mowing the lawn. Because the plant bulbs are deeply rooted in the ground, it's important to be diligent about keeping up with preventative care and spraying post-emergent when necessary.
  • Yellow nutsedge - Pulling out yellow nutsedge will make the weed come back with a vengeance. It grows quicker than your existing grass and will start to make your lawn appear yellow the longer it's allowed to grow.

Broadleaf weed leaves make it easier identifying the different species

Chickweed overgrown in a home lawn near Bethlehem, PA.

Broadleaf weeds stick out more in lawns. The leaves don't look like normal grass, and will often have noticeable flowers and foliage sprouting from the top. They can grow from one single, large taproot, a system of roots, or both. Another way to identity broadleaf weeds is by looking at the veins in their leaves. There will be a main vein in the center that has smaller veins branching out from the center.

The various annual and perennial broadleaf weed species that grow in our area include:

Leave identifying those pesky weeds to our professionals at Green Turf Care!

Correctly identifying all the different varieties of weeds can be difficult. It's best to leave it to professionals who are trained to notice which weed species is which, and more importantly, how to effectively treat and remove them.

Our team at Green Turf Care can manage any kind of grasslike or broadleaf weed growth with our top-rated weed control services. We'll come out to your residential or commercial property in Allentown, Bethlehem, Emmaus, and nearby areas in Lehigh Valley and create a treatment plan that keeps any invasive weeds away for good!

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