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Close up photo of thistle weed growing in a Bethlehem, PA yard.

Thistle Weed Control in the Greater Lehigh Valley, PA area

We offer treatments to control thistle weeds growing in your residential, commercial, or HOA lawn.

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Thistle weed control treatments offered in Allentown, Bethlehem, and other areas of Pennsylvania.

Thistle is considered a noxious weed in our state and needs to be removed.

A perennial weed that attacks lawns throughout Pennsylvania, thistle is considered noxious and should be removed as it can pose a threat to your lawn's ecosystem.

We provide thistle weed control treatments in Allentown, Emmaus, Bethlehem, and the nearby areas of Pennsylvania and the Lehigh Valley.

What Does Thistle Look Like & When Does It Grow?

Thistle weed growing in a yard near Allentown, PA.

There are a few different varieties of thistle in our area such as Canada thistle, bull thistle, musk thistle, and plumeless thistle. Each type grows 3-4 feet tall and sports pink wispy flowers that can blow away in the wind. Their leaves are spiky.

Typically, thistle will begin growing in the first stages of spring and the flowers will show around late May or so. The weed usually shows up in areas that have sustained damage already, such as a weakened or damaged lawn, or a landscape that was destroyed by animals.

What Is a Noxious Weed?

Noxious weeds are considered non-native to Pennsylvania and a weed that can cause a serious disruption to the local ecosystem. Removing these noxious types of thistle will benefit the area immensely. In some cases, if the invasion is severe, local authorities may take steps to quarantine the area to stop the spread of the weed.

In Pennsylvania, Canada thistle, bull thistle, and musk thistle are all considered noxious weeds.

How We Get Rid of Thistle from Your Lawn

Getting rid of thistle is not a simple process--it can take years to completely suppress it. The weed is tough to eliminate and will require repeat treatments, according to Penn StateLearn more about the process involved in killing off invasive thistle:

  • It is best targeted in the fall, when the plant is rebuilding its root system for the coming year. The herbicides will suppress growth at this point.
  • The next ideal time to target thistle is in late spring as it begins to grow. This will kill off the part of the plant that had started to grow and the roots will have to work harder to produce more growth.
  • If the invasion is large, it may need to be mowed down at some point during the late spring to control the growth--preferably before the plant begins to bloom and spread its seed throughout the area.

A strong ground cover, such as a healthy lawn, will prove to be quite useful in fighting off a thistle infestation. This can be achieved with routine lawn care treatments.

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Dark purple thistle weed growing near Emmaus, PA.

Throughout the areas of Allentown, Emmaus, Bethlehem, and the surrounding Pennsylvania communities, our company provides expert thistle weed control treatments for homes, businesses, and HOAs. If you are having issues with this weed on your property, contact us at (484) 452-3595 for more information.

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