1. More Macungie Lawn Care Myths Debunked

    In our last blog post, we brought to light the truth on some Macungie lawn care myths we've heard recently. Today we've got a few more for you so that you can only use the best practices when maintaining your lawn. "I won’t have to mow as often if I cut the grass short." False! If you cut it super short, you may add a few days between mowings, but you also risk damaging the lawn. Grass that’s…Read More

  2. Lawn Care Myths Macungie Residents Should Know

    When it comes to lawn care, there’s no shortage of wrong information. Use our Macungie lawn care guide to sort fact from fiction, and glean sound advice for growing your healthiest grass ever. Spring is the best time for dandelion control. False! While it is wise to dig and/or spray drifts of dandelions in spring – before they go to seed – you’ll ensure root kill when you attack in fall. …Read More

  3. More Mistakes To Avoid With Your Macungie Lawn

    In our last blog post, we spoke about 5 mistakes that are commonly made when it comes to Macungie lawn maintenance. Oftentimes these mistakes are made simply due to lack of knowledge or lack of time. If you don't have the proper time needed to maintain your Macungie lawn, give us a call! We've got 5 more lawn care mistakes today that we see made quite often. 1. Timing of cultural practices. Perfor…Read More

  4. Avoid These Mistakes With Maintaining Your Macungie Lawn

    Nearly a decade of Macungie lawn maintenance experience combined with a passion for quality service in a way that allows us to provide you with the best service. Every year billions of dollars are spent on lawn care. Keep some of them in your pocket by avoiding some common lawn care mistakes. 1. Stop mowing your grass to short. The golden rule is to never remove more than 1/3 of the grass blade …Read More

  5. 5 Critical Ways Green Turf Lawn Care Trumps The Competition (Part 3 of 3)

    Welcome back to the Green Turf Care blog for the final installment of the ways our lawn care service rises above the competition in Lehigh Valley. In our previous blog entry, we mostly talked about our guarantee. Today, we expand our original list to reveal five more ways we trump the competition. We Are Detail Oriented Lawn Mowers - We’ll have a to-do list of tasks that’s individualized for y…Read More

  6. 2 More Critical Reasons For Green Turf Lawn Care (Part 2 of 3)

    Welcome back to the Green Turf Care blog for the second installment of ways our lawn care service repeatedly rises above the competition. In our last blog entry, we talked about ratings and reliability. Today, we expand on our original list to reveal two more important considerations when trusting a lawn maintenance company with your landscape. Our Guarantee means that you have no risk in having u…Read More

  7. 3 Critical Reasons To Hire Us (Part 1 of 3)

    As a smart consumer, you know that lawn care is more than just mowing the lawn. It takes a personal touch and a special knowledge of the area’s agriculture. We know what grows well in the Lehigh Valley area, as well as what doesn't. We have a list of 10 major reasons why our lawn maintenance stands out above the competition in the Lehigh Valley area. We’ll elaborate on that list for this blog …Read More

  8. Sharp Blades And Sharp Lawns (Part 5 of 5)

    Synthetic fertilizers can be a controversial lawn care topic to some people. After discussing watering and mulching last week, we discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages to using them in your lawn service regimen, and we discuss a couple more lawn mowing tips, as we wrap up our lawn care blog series. Nitrogen Is Vital - Many synthetic fertilizers contain nitrogen, which can run hot on you…Read More

  9. A Great Lawn Made Simple (Part 3 of 5)

    This week in our lawn maintenance discussion, we will introduce more tips for getting that ideal lawn. In our most recent installment in this lawn service series, we talked about your how to avoid putting your lawn through stressful conditions. This week we will concentrate on getting a thicker lawn through aeration and overseeding. These are two very popular and basic methods to growing a thick, …Read More

  10. What To Do With That Grass (Part 4 of 5)

    With today’s edition, we are ⅘  of the way through our lawn care tips. In our most recent update to this lawn service series, we discussed two popular techniques in getting the thick, lush lawn that you want. This week we will discuss what to do with those grass clippings, and how to avoid grass clumps that make ruts in your lawn. Your Grass Clippings Can Feed Your Lawn - Mulching your lawn c…Read More