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Spotted spurge weed growing at a Allentown, PA home.

Spotted Spurge Control in the Greater Lehigh Valley, PA area

Spotted spurge is a summer annual weed that plagues residential and commercial lawns in Pennsylvania.

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Spotted spurge control provided in Bethlehem, Emmaus, and nearby areas of Pennsylvania.

This weed grows close to the ground and has red splotches on its leaves.

Spotted spurge weed requiring weed control treatment in Bethlehem, PA.

In the summer, a threat to the health of your lawn can emerge without proper treatment to stop it from growing. Spotted spurge is a summer annual weed that grows in lawns throughout the Lehigh Valley region of Pennsylvania, including Bethlehem, Allentown, Emmaus, and nearby areas.

Learn more about this easily recognizable weed that grows close to the ground with red splotches on its leaves.

What Is Spotted Spurge & When It Grows

Spotted spurge is a weed that you can spot as it will grow close to the ground and it has red spots on its leaves. Its leaves have teeth and are also hairy. If you pull it up, you will see a short taproot and a fibrous root system. You will also see milky sap come out of the stems if they break. The weed does have small pink flowers but they do not start to appear until a few weeks after the plant starts growing. These properties make this weed easy to find and recognize, but that does not mean it is easy to eliminate.

This weed starts to show up in summer and is an annual weed, which means it will come back every year without proper treatment.

How We Get Rid of Spotted Spurge

Spotted spurge weed growing in soil near Emmaus, PA.

If you notice spotted spurge in your yard, contact a weed control company as soon as you can. This weed is not easy to get rid of, especially once it begins to bloom. Since it is an annual weed, it often sheds seeds right where it grows and then has the potential to come back again even if it is treated.

To effectively kill off spotted spurge, your lawn care crew will need to spray the lawn with certain types of herbicides, as generic weedkiller will not kill it. Pre-emergent weed control in the late spring may be a good treatment to add to your lawn care schedule if you have a spurge problem. Never try to pull weeds as it will be a waste of time, and you could just end up spreading more seeds throughout the lawn.

Another way to combat the spread of spurge is by overseeding in the fall, as the thicker growth in the lawn can help fight off this weed. Additionally, make sure that you have a lawn care program with fertilization and routine weed control treatments that will strengthen your grass and its root structure.

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