Are you ready to watch your lawn transform season after season? With Green Turf Care in Slatington, we’ll give you a lawn you can be proud of!

Forget a patchy, dry lawn that is not only tough on your feet when you play barefoot, but is a sore spot to look at — don’t be that neighbor! Instead, partner with a lawn care business that has your back! At Green Turf Care, we’ll transform your Slatington lawn with our tailored lawn treatments that include:

6-step fertilization program

Lawn aeration and overseeding

Flea and tick services

Grub control

Get a lawn that you love today!

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Get one step closer to a perfect Slatington lawn with Green Turf Care!

Curb appeal that draws you in is an asset that every home in your neighborhood covets and one sure-fire way to enhance the exterior of your home is through a full and vibrant home lawn!

At Green Turf Care, we’re the missing piece in your lawn care routine! We have years of experience where we’ve perfected our lawn care services to guarantee a healthy, green lawn every spring and summer! We remove the guesswork to a great Slatington lawn with a variety of comprehensive lawn care services and lawn treatments. 

From aeration and overseeding and lawn fertilization to flea, tick, and grub control, our services are second to none! So, if you’re wanting to level up your lawn care and cultivate a thick and robust lawn this season, partner with us!

6-Step Fertilization Program – Fertilization is one of the key components to a great lawn — it nourishes the grass and gives the soil all the nutrients it needs to thrive, and it should be done in a series of applications, not just a one and done lawn treatment. We’ve created a 6-step program that revitalizes your lawn all season long!

Lawn Aeration and Overseeding – Pair lawn aeration and overseeding with fertilization and you’re on your way to the leading lawn in Slatington! Aeration and overseeding lessens soil compaction to let your lawn breathe (aeration) and overseeding spreads new grass seed into the soil for a fuller, thicker lawn that is better equipped to handle drought and disease. 

Flea and Tick Services – Living in Slatington, we are at a greater risk for Lyme disease from ticks than relatively every other state, so tick control and prevention is key! Partner with us for flea and tick services that not only improve your lawn but protect you, your family, and your animals!

Grub Control – Grub control is often a forgotten lawn care service, but it can end up saving your lawn! Damage from grubs can easily be mistaken and treated as something else, which is why it’s integral to work with lawn professionals to properly diagnose the issue.  

Does a healthy, thick lawn sound enticing? Don’t wait to run through soft, lush grass or enjoy stargazing on a beautiful summer’s night, and partner with the best!

Schedule a free lawn estimate today and take advantage of our broad lawn care services available to Slatington residents!