Enhance and maintain a rich soil and approve the health of your Slatington lawn with lawn aeration and overseeding services from Green Turf Care. 


If there is nothing else you do this season, do lawn aeration and overseeding! Not only does lawn aeration mitigate soil compaction to help your lawn breathe, but it better prepares it to receive the nutrients it needs to thrive.


Overseeding transforms patchy areas of grass, for a fuller, thicker lawn. In addition, it makes your lawn more drought-resistant by introducing a new variety of grass seed.  

To improve the health of your Slatington lawn, schedule lawn aeration and overseeding services today!

Remove the guesswork of a great Slatington lawn and cultivate the perfect lawn care plan with Green Turf Care!


If your lawn care maintenance has let you down with a less-than-perfect lawn of emerald, it can be discouraging and frustrating! Instead, why not place your bets on a professional lawn care company?! 


At Green Turf Care, lawn aeration and overseeding play an integral part in your lawn’s health. 


Lawn Aeration Slatington


Our lawn aeration services in Slatington pull soil plugs from and throughout your yard, leaving small holes that both reduce impaction and allow the soil to optimally absorb nutrients. Our lawns get impacted — the soil gets extremely dense — from foot, sometimes a vehicle, and animal traffic. 


The problem with impaction is it creates a density in the soil that impacts the flow of water, oxygen, and essential nutrients thus impairing an otherwise healthy lawn. Aeration creates a breathable soil that helps your lawn thrive.    

Overseeding Slatington


After aeration is completed, the next course of action to an amazing lawn is overseeding. Overseeding achieves a full, robust lawn by filling in any gaps or patchy areas in your lawn. A great blend of warm- and cool-season grass seeds also makes for a more drought-tolerant and disease-fighting lawn! 


The seeds are able to penetrate a freshly aerated lawn, sinking deep into the soil preparing to sprout and emerge in the spring! 


Lawn aeration and overseeding your Slatington lawn is a dynamic duo that can greatly improve the health and look of your lawn. Your lawn can better absorb essential nutrients while cultivating the best soil for overseeding. 


At Green Turf Care, lawn aeration and overseeding are a few of our core lawn care practices that make all the difference.  


Stop waiting for a great lawn to appear and make it happen with professional lawn care services from Green Turf Care!