Grubs are known for damaging perfectly healthy Slatington lawns — turn to Green Turf Care to get a beautiful, thriving lawn once again!

Because grubs aren’t the first thought when it comes to questioning why your grass is patchy and drab, they can continue to do damage! Get an official lawn diagnosis with your local Slatington lawn care experts!

Not only will we be able to identify grub damage, but we can customize a lawn care treatment to keep them at bay and better prevent them the next season. 

Don’t let grubs sneakily ruin your otherwise healthy Slatington lawn and get the best lawn care solutions today! Schedule an appointment!  

Does your Slatington lawn have dry, thinning, or patchy areas? Grubs could be the culprit!

Grubs. They’re a little weird and disgusting vagrants to find, and their plump, soft, and white bodies — a mini Jabba the Hutt, if you will — can be alarming to find. 

But, the thing about grubs are, you won’t typically ever see them — just their lawn damage, which can be even more concerning! Grub lawn damage can be confused as a dry lawn or even overfertilization, easily mistaken, yet the problem isn’t properly addressed and more damage occurs. 

Signs of grub damage include:

  • Brown spots
  • Dead and dying grass patches
  • Wilting blades
  • Small bite marks on the grass

If you notice any of these signs it’s integral to get your lawn assessed by a local lawn care company to halt any further damage. 

Why are grubs harmful to Slatington lawns?

Grubs are dangerous little insect larvae because they burrow just below the grass’s surface and eat the grass root, effectively killing the lawn over time if they’re not taken care of. Grubs are also difficult to treat because of their lifecycle — you may ward off mature grubs but if they laid eggs you may have a whole new grub infestation when the weather gets warmer!

When you partner with Green Turf Care, we have the knowledge and experience in identifying the grub lifecycle and can tailor our grub control services to it. 

Signs of grubs include:

  • A squishy, soft grass surface (grubs at the grass surface)
  • More animal activity than usual (birds and mammals)
  • Damage to your lawn in patches (grubs eating at the roots)
  • Grass that is easily ripped up (similar to carpet, resulting from no roots)

Don’t let grubs saturate your Slatington lawn and prevent what could be a summer of damage in a quick grub control treatment.  

Connect with us today for grub control in your Slatington neighborhood!