A yard with weeds and dry patches sticks out, it just does, and in the spring and summer months you want a lawn that everyone can enjoy!

At Green Turf Care in Slatington, we’re here to give you back your time and a beautiful lawn!

Our 6-step fertilization program is a series of fertilizers that combat weeds and disease in your Slatington lawn year round. The lawn fertilizer is tailored to your yard and combats native weeds to Slatington such as broadleaf and crabgrass.

If you’re ready to put a yard full of weeds behind you, get our 6-step fertilization program for your Slatington lawn today!

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Fertilize your Slatington lawn and watch it prosper!

Most homeowners understand the importance of lawn fertilization, however, knowing fertilization basics can take an okay lawn to a beautifully verdant and robust sea of green! 

Striking a Balance

Balance is one of the most integral, yet overlooked, parts of fertilization! To keep a lawn healthy and thriving, the fertilizer can’t be too much or too little — it requires a delicate balance! At Green Turf Care, we specialize in a perfectly balanced application of fertilizer leaving your Slatington lawn with exactly the nutrients it needs. 

Dense Grass Roots and Shoots

When your fertilizer game is spot on (it helps when you have a professional lawn care company), the results are dense grass roots and shoots! Why is this important? The better the grass system you have below the surface, the better it is at filtering debris and impurities that might otherwise damage a healthy lawn. 

Seasonal Lawn Fertilization

At Green Turf Care, we’ve developed a 6-step fertilization program that fertilizes your Slatington lawn in just about every season — from early spring to late fall. 

The spring is when your lawn begins to unthaw and emerge from hibernation, so we implement a pre-emergent crabgrass control and broadleaf weed control to support the development of the grass plant and apply a balanced, slow-release fertilizer to hold back excessive spring growth.

Through the summer, fertilization care is all about maintenance. Fertilizer is incorporated to bring a nice green color to the grass while weed control is implemented to defend the grass. 

Once early fall hits, fertilizer is applied to support a healthy root development while preparing it for the impending cold weather. In the late fall, and after temperatures fall below 43 degrees, a winterizer fertilizer is used to protect and promote a disease-resistant lawn come spring.  

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