If keeping up with your lawn feels like a chore with less-than-stellar results, partner with Green Turf Care today!

Not only do we cultivate and nourish your lawn to yield beautiful results in the spring and summer, but we’re also here to build a relationship with our customers for a local lawn care company that can trust and rely on year-after-year.

Our lawn care services include:

Get a verdant, thick lawn when it matters! Partner with us and live on the greener side!

Find more time with lawn care services from Green Turf Care in Quakertown!

When it comes to lawn care in Quakertown, some homeowners would rather leave the yard work to us — we welcome it! Whether you’re looking for a little extra time to enjoy with your family or your green thumb is a little dull, we have all the comprehensive lawn care services you’ll need!

Our lawn services include:

In the four major services we provide, many homeowners are curious, do they need all of them for a healthy, green lawn? The short answer, yes! 

While this may be much more than you’re currently doing, it will guarantee a full, vibrant lawn in the spring and summer, because a beautiful lawn takes diligent work and routine maintenance!

Each lawn care service that we provide builds on another. You can’t have fertilization and overseeding without aeration, and if you have an insect infestation, you’ll need the whole gambit to bring your lawn back to life! 

What can our Quakertown lawn care services provide?

At Green Turf Care, our lawn care is year-round, in just about every season! Our lawn aeration and overseeding addresses soil compaction and helps blend thinning and patchy areas, while our 6-step fertilization combats weeds and gives your lawn a healthy dose of essential nutrients. 

Our pest control, addresses both fleas and ticks, in addition to grubs! Oftentimes, insects can cause major damage to your lawn while being hidden in plain sight! If you begin to notice dying or yellowing patches, it’s like from fleas, ticks, or grubs and needs immediate attention! 

If you’re in Quakertown and want a lawn that gets a double-take from the neighbors, schedule a lawn treatment with us today!