A well-managed lawn is one of the biggest assets any homeowner can imagine. Not only does it look inviting and impressive to guests, but it gives homeowners the peace of mind that, each and every day, they will return to a beautiful environment entirely their own.

Green Turf Care has been beautifying lawns just like yours for more than 20 years. We specialize in elevating the aesthetic charm of residential properties, always with the aim of creating an admirable space that leaves you feeling closer to nature.

Our specialized services offer something for everyone. Whether you need assistance in lawn aeration and overseeding, fertilization, flea and tick removal, or grub control, we have the resources and the expertise to revitalize your lawn and bring it back to an optimal state of verdant health.


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Lawn Aeration and Overseeding

Regardless of location, any lawn can benefit from aeration. Considered one of the most effective and pragmatic services in lawn care, aeration offers universally enticing advantages to any turf in Schnecksville.

Annual or semiannual aeration is proven to halt the spread of vicious lawn diseases like Red Thread, preserving the health of your lawn while significantly improving soil oxygen absorption. Aeration also plays a crucial role in the success of overseeding, a powerful method that distributes fresh grass seed deep into the soil.

The more consistently a lawn receives the care of aeration and overseeding, the more effectively it will manage recovery from threats like drought and disease.

6-Step Fertilization Program

When most people think of fertilizing their lawn — if they consider it at all — they probably won’t want to follow a strict schedule. But because scheduled fertilizations work so well, that is precisely why we do it at Green Turf Care.

Our 6-step fertilization program encompasses three seasons of lawn maintenance and upkeep, beginning in early spring and ending in late fall. From the early stages of plant cell development to intermediary root development to proactive preparation for the frigid winter months, our rigorous fertilization standards are designed to ensure your lawn can withstand whatever Mother Nature brings.

Flea and Tick Services

Summer is a time to enjoy many things: barbecues, playing outdoors with family and pets, and watching fireworks on the 4th of July. Unfortunately, too many would-be summer memories are ruined by the onslaught of fleas, ticks, and insects that accompany the muggy season.

Everyone should feel comfortable in their own backyard, but that can be hard to muster when you’re worried about a loved one or a beloved pet falling prey to an invasive pest. States like Pennsylvania suffer from notoriously large tick populations due to heavily forested regions. Within these trees and beyond, all the way into the suburbs, ticks can work their way in between blades of grass until there is seemingly no possible way to avoid them.

Green Turf Care is here to help now just like we have been for the past ten years, ever since our flea and tick removal service began. We pride ourselves not only on protecting plants, but protecting families as well. By effectively removing ticks and fleas, we’ve prevented skin irritation, parasitic infection, and Lyme disease from wreaking havoc on lawns and locals like you.

Grub Control

Although it may often be overlooked, that doesn’t mean grub control isn’t an incredibly important part of lawn care service. Damage caused by these pests can be mistaken for another issue, causing the problem to worsen before a viable solution is found. For this reason, it’s best to take preventative measures against grub populations before they become too invasive to reverse.

Whether just one, a few, or all of these services sound like something your lawn could benefit from, Green Turn Care is here to help, rain or shine. Discover how Green Turf Care can protect, fortify, and sustain your lush lawn for years to come!

Schnecksville residents can call today to schedule a free lawn consultation!

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