Your Schnecksville lawn is full of fleas and ticks? Well…

As a homeowner, you should know that fleas and ticks are a common problem for many people like you. They can easily transmit to humans and pets, especially if your children and friends love spending time in the backyard.

The pesky insects can also cause problems to your lawn and destroy it. So, the next time you see them around, don’t just ignore them — instead, choose our flea and tick service in Schnecksville! 

How Fleas and Ticks Harm Your Lawn (and Family)

Fleas and ticks love humid areas. These areas are full of nutrients which is why they are their favorite environment. The insects love nesting, burrowing, and reproducing (something they do fast) and you can do nothing about it.

What you can actually do is control them, or call in a lawn care expert for backup!

Our Schnecksville flea and tick control services are designed to eliminate and prevent these insects from appearing in your lawn again. And while we do our best to make sure you will see no fleas and ticks around your children and pets, you should make sure to:

  • Check your entire body before you head indoors — you may ‘wear’ them on you!
  • Get an insect repellent when you spend more time outdoors
  • Brush off the dead leaves, debris, or twigs before heading inside your home
  • Hire a lawn care expert in Schnecksville for complete elimination of fleas and ticks

All of these tips will help you pinpoint the fleas and ticks in your lawn and remove them without them getting spread around your home.

If you are interested to get an estimate on our flea and tick services today!