Watch your lawn thrive with lawn aeration and overseeding in Quakertown!

Two of the most integral lawn care practices in routine lawn maintenance are lawn aeration and overseeding — one can work well on its own, but together they’ll greatly improve the quality and health of your lawn!

Quakertown Lawn Aeration

Lawn aeration is important because over a summer of playing on your lawn, the soil becomes compacted, and where it once was able to absorb water and nutrients, it has become too dense and can no longer get the essentials it needs. Without the ability to breathe, compacted soil can kill grass. 

Lawn aeration is the remedy! It creates small soil plugs that remove earth and leave a divot that loosens the soil and allows water, oxygen, and fertilizer to permeate! Over time, the soil plug that sat on top of the grass decomposes and goes back into the lawn. 


Quakertown Overseeding

Overseeding your Quakertown lawn is the perfect counterpart to lawn aeration. The lawn has been decompacted and is ready for new grass seed. 

Overseeding helps strengthen your lawn by combining a variety of cool- and warm-season grasses to ward off drought and disease, and it fills in any thinning parts of your lawn, making it thicker. 

At Green Turf Care in Quakertown, lawn aeration and overseeding are lawn treatments we like to do together for optimal lawn care! For grass that is healthy and green in the warmer seasons, lawn aeration reduces soil compaction and allows it to breathe, while overseeding remedies bare and patchy areas by spreading grass seed in the newly aeration yard.

Once aeration and overseeding occurs, the lawn is able to absorb vital nutrients and create the best environment for the grass seed to take root and sprout. 

To schedule lawn aeration and overseeding for your Quakertown lawn, call our office today!

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