Keeping your lawn healthy and green takes some work, whether you are putting in the sweat equity yourself or with a local lawn care company.

Your lawn is a living, breathing entity and the spring and summer months are the prime months for things to go awry, but not in the way you think! Many people spend the majority of the warmer months basking in the sun and playing in their yard.

This is the pinnacle of summer and we want you to make the most of the beautiful days!

When you’re out and about playing ball or running through the sprinklers with your kids, the weight and pressure begins to compact the soil resulting in its inability to properly absorb water and nutrients.

This is where lawn aeration comes in!

What is aeration?

Green Turn Care provides an aeration service that helps break up the compacted soil and prime it to receive all the goodness our 6-Step Fertilization Program offers. We realize that some lawns need a little extra care in between aeration services, which is why we highly recommend N-EXT Air-8 Liquid Aeration to our clients!

So, what is Liquid Aeration?

Powered by potassium hydroxide, Liquid Aeration fractures your soil, leaving it loose and improving its ability to drive oxygen to the topsoil and foster a deeper root system. If you’ve been looking for a lawn enrichment to help guide you through the summer months, this product is for you!

We know that physical (manual) aeration only disrupts and penetrates a portion of the soil, leaving up to 80 percent of the soil untouched — because really, how do you get to the deep layers of soil?

Liquid aeration was formulated specifically for this! It can be applied at a rate of six to nine ounces per square feet and effectively infiltrate layer upon layer, priming it for water and nutrient absorption.

This is the breakthrough your lawn needs! Help it breathe through the warmer months as it sees increased traffic and is prone to soil compaction. Leave the hard work to us and simply apply this to your lawn during the regular growing season!

Put the ease back into your lawn care routine and save time and energy by using Liquid Aeration today!

For any questions on this product, connect with us today!

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