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Residential lawn and landscape in Pottstown, PA the receives regular lawn care treatments.

5-Star Fertilization & Weed Control ServicesIn Pottstown, PA

We fertilize your lawn and apply weed control treatments throughout the growing season, from spring to fall.

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Comprehensive fertilization and weed control services for properties in and around Pottstown, PA.

We offer spring, summer, and fall fertilization and weed control applications.

With around 22,000 people, Pottstown is a mid-sized borough in Pennsylvania's Montgomery County. It is situated on the Schuylkill River and is only 40 miles northwest of Philadelphia. Pottstown is home to interesting landmarks such as the High Street Historic District, Grubb Mansion, and Pottstown Roller Mill. Residents have access to outdoor attractions like Memorial Park and Pottstown Riverfront Park.

As a top-tier lawn care company, we offer comprehensive fertilization and weed control for residential, commercial, and HOA properties in and around Pottstown, PA. To best care for your lawn, we offer spring, summer, and fall fertilization and weed control applications. Some of our other lawn care services include core aeration and pest control.

We offer seasonal fertilization and weed control services for your yard.

A large property in Pottstown, PA we treat their lawn with our 6-step lawn care program.

Our team offers fertilization and weed control services for your yard in Pottstown, PA. We apply our fertilization and weed control treatments six different times throughout the growing season: early spring, early summer, summer, early fall, fall, and late fall. Our team has developed a tried-and-true method, so your lawn in the Lehigh Valley area will receive everything it needs. Our fertilizers are organic-based, so your yard will never be exposed to unnecessary chemicals. We have weed control products available for common weeds, grassy weeds, and sedges. So, no matter what weed issues your yard is facing, our team is ready to help. Learn more about our fertilization and weed control services:

We offer core aeration, insect control, and more to improve your lawn's health.

Here at Green Turf Care, our lawn care services don't end with fertilization and weed control. We offer a variety of other services to help improve your lawn's health:

Core aeration and liquid aeration both involve breaking up your lawn's soil to improve the exchange of air and nutrients. Core aeration is a mechanical process meant for lawns in the fall. For the most effective results, it's usually done in combination with overseeding. Liquid aeration is an approach that utilizes a potassium hydroxide solution. It's usually performed in the spring alongside fertilization.

If you're experiencing issues with lawn diseases like rust or Pythium blight, our team can help. We administer effective fungicides as part of our lawn disease and fungus control services. Our lawn care experts can also eradicate sod webworms, fleas, ticks, grubs, and other insects from your lawn in Pottstown.

Lawn damage caused by a severe lawn disease.

If you're in Pottstown, PA and looking for expert fertilization and weed control services, call us.

Throughout Pottstown, PA and the nearby areas, we offer fertilization, weed control, aeration, insect control, and other services for residential, commercial, and HOA properties. If you're in need of someone to help care for your lawn, call us today at (484) 452-3595 to learn more!

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