Improve Your Lawn’s Health through lawn aeration and overseeding!

If you ask a lawn expert about the two most important applications throughout the season, the chances of getting “aeration” and “overseeding” as the top two answers are very high.

Practically speaking, core aeration (or lawn aeration) is a process of removing plugs of thatch and soil from the lawn in order to improve the soil aeration. As confusing as it may look, this practice is the best thing that could be done to a lawn to improve its health and vigor.

While aeration is responsible for opening up the lawn, overseeding is the perfect addition to this service – responsible for dropping seed and opening up the soil to create good contact and germination rates for a thicker lawn.

Lawn Aeration And Overseeding: Do They Work?

Yes, they do.

The two practices are the best thing that could be done to a lawn in order to improve its health and vigor. In most of the home lawns, the natural soil is disturbed by the building process, which is where these two kick in and provide the lawn with many benefits.

At Green Turf Care, we pride ourselves on our unique Pottstown lawn aeration and overseeding services – tailored to each lawn and its unique conditions. We will improve the depth and extent of turfgrass rooting, allowing better water uptake and enhancing the use of fertilizers.

With aeration, we will also speed up the thatch breakdown by incorporating soil into the thatch. This will allow the organisms to break down the thatch and reduce its accumulation. The aeration will minimize the damage that heavy thatch causes by allowing water, fertilizer, and pesticide to better reach the soil.

What To Do After A Lawn Is Aerated

As we already hinted, the best process after lawn aeration in Pottstown is overseeding.

For soils that are heavily compacted, we advise covering the lawn with a quarter inch of compost and raking so that there is contact with the holes. Watering the lawn a few extra times after the processes is also important – especially in hot and/or dry weather.

Lawn aeration helps by:

  • Stimulating the lawn growth
  • Preventing diseases
  • Improving the fertilizer uptake
  • Promoting stronger turf roots
  • Reducing the lawn’s dependency to water
  • Reducing thatch buildups
  • Reducing soil compaction

Overseeding is another important element which keeps weed growth to a minimum and creates a rich turf.

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