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Oxalis weed with blooms growing on a Emmaus, PA lawn.

Oxalis Weed Control in the Greater Lehigh Valley, PA area

We treat residential and commercial lawns for oxalis weeds to remove them from your lawn.

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Oxalis weed control treatments offered in Emmaus, Bethlehem, and surrounding Pennsylvania areas.

Oxalis is often confused with clover but has some distinctive characteristics.

Oxalis weed with blooms near a Bethlehem, PA home.

One of the most common broadleaf weeds, oxalis, or creeping woodsorrel, is often confused with clover. Its distinctive characteristics, however, make it easy to determine that you may indeed have an oxalis problem in your lawn. It is also harder to eliminate than clover.

At Green Turf Care, we offer oxalis weed control treatment for properties in Emmaus, Bethlehem, Allentown, and the surrounding areas of Pennsylvania.

How to Determine if You Have Oxalis or Clover

While heart-shaped leaves are often drawn as the typical shamrock clover for St. Patrick's Day, those leaves are actually the leaves of oxalis, a broadleaf that is similar to clover in many ways. Properties of oxalis include:

  • Oxalis starts off as a bright green color but can turn more of a burgundy color after they are exposed to stress or heat.
  • The weed also has flowers that bloom a vibrant yellow.
  • When sprayed with generic weedkiller, it will generally not die.
  • The weed grows in pretty much any condition, from sunny to shady, to dry to moist.

Clover, on the other hand, has three oval-shaped leaves grouped together. The plant has flowers that are either white or red, depending on the type of clover. Clover also dies much more easily than oxalis does.

Ways to Kill Oxalis Growing in Your Lawn

One reason oxalis is tough to get rid of is the way that its seeds spread. In just one plant, there is the potential for 5,000 new plants to form from the seed pods. When those seed pods burst open, they can shoot seeds at least 10 feet away from the initial plant, increasing the area of invasion by a large space. Oxalis seed pods also stick to pets, clothes, and mowers and drop off in other areas of the lawn.

In other words, oxalis can become a large problem in a short amount of time.

Oxalis cannot be pulled up directly from the ground, as it has a large taproot that will often be left behind to regrow. This weed is built to last and cannot be eliminated in just one simple weed control treatment. Instead, it will take several treatments to get rid of oxalis and remove it from your lawn. To prevent oxalis from growing, we advise following a strict lawn care regimen to strengthen the grass and to routinely mow your lawn so that it stays at the proper height to stay as healthy as possible.

Oxalis weeds in a yard near Allentown, PA.

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