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Spreading grass seed on a lawn after our aeration services.

Overseeding Services in the Greater Lehigh Valley, PA area

Overseeding services encourage healthy growth and provide a strong foundation for your yard.

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We provide overseeding services to clients in Bethlehem, Emmaus, and other areas of Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley region.

We overseed with cool-season type grasses such as tall fescue and Kentucky bluegrass.

Once fall comes around, your yard may need some rejuvenating new life breathed into it. One way to help do that is by overseeding your lawn. Using cool-season type grasses like Kentucky bluegrass and tall fescue, our providers will lay down grass seed over your existing lawn.

We offer 5-star overseeding services throughout Lehigh Valley, including Allentown, Macungie, Bethlehem, Emmaus, and other local areas.

Learn why your cool-season grass will benefit from our overseeding services.

A lawn with dead spots in Emmaus, PA that needs overseeding services.

After the summer growing season, your cool-season grass may need some replenishment, especially if you have kids or pets who love to play on the lawn. To add new life to your lawn, overseeding services may be needed. Overseeding offers many benefits to your lawn, such as:

  • Replacing areas of thinning grass
  • Improves the overall health of your lawn
  • Increases strength and resiliency of the turf
  • Adds to its ability to fight off lawn disease and insects
  • Enhances the grass color and appearance
  • Better able to choke out weed growth

When we overseed your lawn, we will use a mix of turf-type tall fescue and Kentucky bluegrass seeds that are common in the Bethlehem, PA area. This will create a vibrant and healthy lawn in the spring.

It's recommended to overseed along with core aeration, both of which should be performed yearly.

What our recommendations are for maintaining a recently overseeded lawn.

Irrigation system watering a yard overseeded by our team in Bethlehem.

Generally, you can expect to see new grass growth within a week after overseeding, so long as the lawn is properly maintained and the soil conditions are ideal. Maintaining your overseeded lawn will require some attention in the first few weeks after service. Our lawn care providers have created recommendations for recently overseeded lawns.

For seeds to properly germinate, they need the right amount of water. However, make sure not to use too much water as this can create perfect conditions for lawn disease to form. Our recommended watering program for recently overseeded lawns:

  • Water right after overseeding to wash the seeds into the holes created by the core aeration process.
  • For the next two weeks, water the lawn lightly each day—just enough to soak the first inch or so of the soil.
  • Once the seeds germinate, don't water quite as frequently, but do a deeper soaking so the roots are strengthened.
  • After the turf has established itself, water on a schedule provided by our lawn care experts.

Depending on the type of grass you have, we will help you create a lawn care schedule that will foster your tall fescue or Kentucky bluegrass's overall health after an overseeding treatment.

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If you're looking at your lawn and realize it could use some new life, we can help. Our company services residential, businesses, and HOA properties throughout Lehigh Valley, including Macungie, Bethlehem, Allentown, Emmaus, and surrounding communities. Contact us today at (484) 452-3595 to set up your fall overseeding treatments.

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