Aerate your lawn for thicker growth, promoting healthy roots and deterring weeds!

We work hard to provide customers with lawns which are the healthiest in the New Tripoli region. One of the best things that can be done to ensure that your grass reaches its full potential each year lies in the practices of aeration and overseeding.

Core Aeration: What Is It And Why You Need It

Just like humans, lawns need to breathe. Neglecting to have your turf aerated may cause dead grass as well as debris. Lawn aeration in New Tripoli is essential for your grass and especially important because it allows oxygen, hydration, and nutrients to seep deeper in the soil and root system.

On the other hand, neglecting to have your turf aerated may cause dead grass and debris – forming a layer of thatch which hinders moisture and oxygen from reaching the roots. Knowing that thatch is linked to diseases and pests in your lawn, aerating it annually will avoid thatch buildup and keep your lawn thriving.

For the best results, Green Turf Care performs aeration during damp conditions.

Overseeding: Bringing New Grass Growth To Your Turf

Overseeding is another important process for your lawn. At Green Turf Care, we focus on using premium blends of seed that are devoid of weeds and have high germination rates.

With this, we make sure that your New Tripoli lawn gets the repair it needs from the heat, sun and drought damage. On another level, our lawn services keep weeds from creeping into your lawn by crowding them out. The overseeding service adds new grass to your lawn, helping it grow thicker in the following year.

The best time to do overseeding is right after aerating your lawn in the fall. This is the reason why we offer these services together.

Schedule An Aeration And Overseeding Service Today!

As you can see from above, aeration and overseeding are both important for getting the lawn of your dreams. Still, there is plenty more to consider if you want to get the best lawn services in New Tripoli.

Now, you can discover the difference that our aeration and overseeding service makes to your turf. Schedule an estimate for your property with us today and call us at (484)-452-3595 to learn more about these two services!

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