When pests infiltrate your lawn, it’s time to call Green Turf Care!

You can have the best lawn and landscape, yet still struggle with pests and insects. Our expert team at Green Turf Care provides the best pest control services in New Tripoli and can help you resolve these issues immediately.

We will not only transform your yard into an oasis — we will make sure to set a perimeter and keep all of the insects away from it. Our team is dedicated to providing open and honest communication every step of the way, and we are proud to stand behind our services.

Keeping Your Lawn Bug-Free And In The Best Shape

From grub control to complete identification and removal of bugs, worms, and other pests, we will see what is that which burrows deep and even deeper as the winter approaches. While grubs damage lawns by feeding on grass roots, other pests can be dangerous and even stick on your pets or children, transmitting diseases and passively entering your home.

To prevent insects from visiting your lawn again, contact us today and get the best pest control services in New Tripoli!

Want to work with the best New Tripoli lawn care company?

You are at the right place. 

With us, you can enjoy using the best lawn care services that prevent any diseases and ensure a healthy and green lawn. We have the proper treatments and can help you protect your lawn and your family and pets.

Since 2000, Green Turf Care has been beautifying Pennsylvania neighborhood lawns and landscapes. We are proud to stand behind our work and take our commitment to our community seriously.

With locations throughout the entire state of Pennsylvania, we are a known name in the lawn care business. As a Green Turf Care customer, your satisfaction is guaranteed! 

So, why not give your lawn what it needs and let it thrive in all seasons?

For more information and details on our New Tripoli lawn care services, contact us today!

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