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A home property in Nazareth, Pennsylvania with regular lawn care.

Comprehensive Lawn Care In Nazareth, PA

Full-service lawn care company offering essential services like fertilization, weed control, aeration, and more!

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We Provide Professional Lawn Care Services to Residents in Nazareth, Pennsylvania & Nearby Communities

From fertilization and weed control to lawn disease and insects, we've got you covered!

Not too far from well-known cities Bethelem and Easton, Nazareth is a small borough in the Lehigh Valley area. It was founded in 1740 by Moravian immigrants from Germany and George Whitefield who was a traveling preacher at the time. As of now, the quaint Pennsylvanian borough has a population of a little over 5,500 residents. Its landscapes are filled with many trees and historic buildings that will have you thinking you've gone back in time. Nazareth is full of outdoor adventures including skiing, hiking, winter waterfalls, and several fishing spots. If you want a taste of the city life, check out the nearby Wind Creek Bethelem Casino or the VF Outlet Mall, a shopaholic's dream place. As far as a good bite to eat with a cold beer, there are many distilleries and restaurants offering craft beer and local favorites.

Residents in Nazareth have kept their historic homes intact for years and they've given the same amount of care to their lawns and landscapes. We've kept lawns in this city healthy and green with services like lawn disease treatments, insect control, fertilization, and weed control. Trust us to do the same for your property in Nazareth, Pennsylvania!

Lawn care services targeted at the health and appearance of your grass.

Fertilization: As most homeowners know, proper fertilization is key to cultivating a lush, green lawn. We offer a 6-step, organic-based, fertilizer program that's designed to treat various turf types including tall fescue, Kentucky bluegrass, and fine fescue.

Weed Control: We use a liquid weed control treatment for maximum effectiveness, especially for the later summer months of August and September when grassy weeds reach their peak. Common weeds like chickweed and crabgrass don't stand a chance.

Liquid Aeration: Our company offers liquid aeration in the spring when the ground is no longer frozen. Liquid aeration is a gentle way to relieve soil compaction using a potassium hydroxide application.

Core Aeration: Mechanical core aeration involves using a machine to poke tiny holes in your lawn so that oxygen, nutrients, and water can better circulate throughout your soil and grass roots.

Overseeding: If you have bald or thinning spots on your lawn, you're the perfect candidate for an overseeding service. During this service, we'll spread a tall fescue and KY bluegrass seed blend on your existing lawn to thicken it up and fill in bare areas.

Lime Treatments: Healthy grass blades grow from healthy soil. Signs of lawn disease, increase in insects, and weed infestations could point to an imbalance in your soil's pH. Lime is a soil amendment that will detox your soil and improve its natural condition.

Diseases, Pests, & Insects

Lawn damaged from moles and voles near Nazareth, Pennsylvania.

There's nothing worse than getting your lawn to the point you want it, then having disease, pests and insects ravage it. Whether they're tearing through your grass roots or making your outdoor time less enjoyable due to constant pestering and hovering, you'll be better off when they're gone from your lawn.

We treat these common diseases and insects:

Diseases: Dollar Spot, Leaf Spot, Pythium Blight, Red Thread, Rust, & Summer Patch

Insects: Armyworms, chinch bugs, cicada killers, white grubs, sod webworms, bluegrass billbugs

Flea & Tick Control: In the summertime, when you and your family are enjoying the outdoors the most is when fleas and ticks reach their peak season. We apply treatments every 5 weeks from June to August to keep you covered in the warmer season.

Mole & Vole Prevention: If you're starting to notice volcano-shaped mounds and random tunnels popping up in your lawn, you may have a mole or vole problem. We offer professional mole and vole treatments for residents dealing with this issue.

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Trust to care for your lawn with our comprehensive lawn care services. Our team members perform a 30, 60, and 90-day follow-up visit for all of the properties we service to ensure all of our clients are 100% satisfied. If you live in Nazareth, Pennsylvania, or a nearby community, reach out to our team at (484) 452-3595 to enroll in our lawn care program today

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