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Lawn care is not in everyone’s focus, especially not in this busy time and age. We all love a healthy and green lawn but also know that if we took the time to dedicate to our lawns, there would not be much time left for anything else.

So, lawn care in Macungie is definitely a full-time job. One that our teams at Green Turf Care love doing, and one that guarantees that you will have the best looking lawn in every season.

Lawn Aeration And Overseeding In Macungie

Lawn aeration and overseeding are one of the most important lawn treatments to get into, especially on a regular basis. They are both essential for reducing the soil compaction and designed to ensure healthy root growth which makes for a healthy lawn.

Lawn Aeration

Your lawn needs to breathe and aeration is the best process to ensure this. When aerating your grass, it is one step closer to optimal health. So, aeration on your Macungie lawn is important because it eliminates the standing water.

Aside from this, by aerating your lawn you are reducing the impact of heat and drought. On another level, you are improving the overseeding, protecting the roots and supporting the overall health while discouraging diseases.


Overseeding is the perfect addition to aeration. Our Macungie lawn care company excels in it – sprucing up your lawn but also correcting the bare patches as well as other issues.

With overseeding, you can make your lawn healthy, thick, and bright. The best time to overseed is in summer, early fall and spring – but can also be done in various seasons.

Green Turf Macungie

The soil of your lawn becomes compacted every day. Whether you walk on it, play on your lawn, or push the lawnmower over it, the effects are continuous. After some time, the compaction gets more severe and your grass fails under the pressure – making it impossible for oxygen, water, and nutrients to find their way in the root system.

This is where our Macungie aeration service steps in. Designed to pull out small cores of soil from your lawn, it eliminates the compaction and gives your lawn room to breathe again and get all the nutrients it needs.

Once this process is complete, it is the perfect time to consider overseeding in Macungie. At Green Turf Care, we take care of overseeding by using five pounds of premium grass to overseed your lawn, leading to a thick and healthy grass that keeps the unwanted weeds away.

Affordable Aeration And Overseeding In Macungie, PA – Now Available With A Discount!

As one of the many services we offer at Green Turf Care, aeration and overseeding are important if you want the lawn of your dreams. However, there is plenty more to consider if you want the best lawn service in Macungie.

With us, you can get the full lawn care treatment experience at the most affordable prices. For more information and details, fill out the form below or call us directly at (484)-452-3595!

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