We Go Beyond The Regular Lawn Service

As a full-service lawn care company in Macungie, we focus on providing more than just the typical lawn services such as fertilization, aeration, and weed mitigation. In fact, we know that pests are a burden nowadays and can damage your lawn and home.

This is why we have designed the most affordable insect control lawn packages in Macungie — bringing in our proven pest control solutions. With them, you can say goodbye to the pesky insects and hello to a beautiful and insect-free lawn.

Our Insect Control Packages Will Fight White Grubs, Worms, And Bugs

We offer lawn insect control services which help you fight off white grubs, billbugs, chinch bugs, armyworms as well as sod webworms and black cutworms. All of these pests are dangerous to your lawn and the best way to get rid of them is by hiring a lawn expert.

Once we arrive at your location, we will evaluate the area, do whatever is needed and provide you with a perimeter pest control which will help to prevent a wide variety of pests (ants, wasps, spiders, etc.) from invading your property!

Choose The Best Lawn Care Company In Macungie: Choose Green Turf Care!

If you want to hire the best Macungie lawn care company, you are in the right place.

Now, you have a chance to hire a leading expert in lawn care and get the very best for a healthy, lush and green lawn. Our teams at Green Turf Care are here to listen to your needs, evaluate your lawn and advise you on the steps and processes needed to transform it to the lawn of your dreams.

A healthy landscape will make you feel better about your property, impress your neighbors and boost your curb appeal. Your home will look more attractive and more enjoyable. And when your neighbors ask you how is your lawn looking that great – you can proudly say that you hired Green Turf Care for it!

Connect with us today and make the first step towards a healthy, vivacious lawn!

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