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Are you seeing fleas and ticks in your lawn?

Relax, you are not the only one…

If you have pets and little children, fleas and ticks can be serious. They are easily transmitted to humans and pets – especially if your little ones and furry friends spend time outdoors in your yard.

Knowing that they are pesky, fleas and ticks can also impact the health of your lawn and destroy a beautiful and green lawn. So, the next time you see them around – it’s time to call us and get the best Macungie flea and tick services.

How Fleas And Ticks Harm Your Lawn (And Family)

Humid, warm, and nutrient-dense. This is the ideal environment for fleas and ticks, as well as other insects. They can easily burrow, nest, and reproduce, and you can’t do anything about it…

Well, not until you hire our lawn experts at Green Turf Care and put an end to all of this. The truth is, stopping these insects from reproducing is important and can prevent further lawn problems.

With us, you can be free of any worries the next time your children and pets nap on a blanket in your yard, run around it or roll on your lawn. You can let them run around barefoot knowing that the creepy crawlies are not lurking and are properly taken care of.

At Green Turf Care, we pride ourselves on our Macungie flea and tick control services.

Not only do we create thick and healthy lawns – but we also maintain them! With decades of combined experience, we can combat any flea and tick problems without you worrying that they will eventually come back.

Below are some tips for keeping fleas and ticks out of your home:

  • Do a quick check on your body (from hair to socks) before you head indoors – you may have these insects on you!
  • Use an insect repellent when you spend more time outdoors
  • Brush off the dead leaves, debris or twigs before heading inside your home
  • Consider hiring a lawn care expert in Macungie for complete elimination of fleas and ticks

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