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A dying lawn that is being caused by a lawn fungus and need treatment.

Lawn Fungus & Disease Control Treatments in the Greater Lehigh Valley, PA area

We apply treatments at the first sign of lawn disease and fungi such as dollar spot, red thread, and others appearing in your yard.

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Lawn fungus and disease control treatments in Allentown, Bethlehem, and other Pennsylvania areas within the Lehigh Valley area.

Our lawn care professionals treat your lawn for common fungal diseases such as red thread and dollar spot.

One of the quickest ways for a lawn to die is when it's attacked by common lawn fungus and diseases. These diseases spread rapidly throughout a lawn, so it's best to be proactive when it comes to lawn disease.

Our lawn care professionals offer treatments for lawn diseases such as red thread, dollar spot, Pythium blight, and more for residential, HOA, and commercial property owners in Lehigh Valley areas like Bethlehem, Allentown, Emmaus, Macungie, and more.

Common Lawn Diseases in Lehigh Valley

Red Thread lawn disease taking over a customers lawn.

At Green Turf Care, we know how to recognize and treat for many common lawn diseases and fungal issues in the Lehigh Valley area. Our expert lawn technicians are trained through Penn State University extension classes to learn all the signs and symptoms of common lawn diseases such as:

  • Red thread: In late spring to early summer, this disease can develop in lawns with low nitrogen content. It's characterized by its circular patches of tan or pink grass. The pink color comes from sclerotia, which appear as red threads emerging from the blades of grass. Red thread often affects our cool-season grasses of Kentucky bluegrass, fescue, and ryegrass.
  • Dollar spot: If you begin to see small patches of tan grass in your lawn, it's a good sign your grass is suffering from dollar spot. Dollar spot thrives in moist environments and high humidity, as well as a lawn that doesn't have proper nutrients.
  • Leaf spot: One type of leaf spot, Drechslera poae, attacks Kentucky bluegrass. It shows up initially as black or purple spots on grass blades. Eventually, it progresses to melting out stage, where the grass thins, turns yellow or brown, and begins to dry rot. It thrives in cooler, wetter weather.
  • Rust: Rust usually shows up between spring and fall. It turns grass an orange color, making it look like it's rusted. If your grass is stressed and not receiving enough nutrients, it is more prone to be susceptible to this disease.
  • Pythium blight: Ryegrass is the most likely to fall victim to this disease. Pythium blight attacks quickly and kills lawns quickly as well. It forms in moist, humid, warm conditions and in lawns with high nitrogen content. This disease requires specialized fungicide.

If you spot signs of lawn disease in Bethlehem, call our lawn care providers today so we can formulate the best plan to get rid of it.

Proper Lawn Care Treatments Can Prevent Lawn Diseases

Lawn disease invading a lawn in the Lehigh Valley area.

When working to prevent lawn diseases, using fungicide should be a last resort. Instead, it's best to employ proper lawn care treatments. When lawns are underfed or overfed, it can cause lawn disease. Improper watering practices can also create ideal conditions for lawn fungus to form. We only use fungicide when needed, as it's more of a bandaid treatment and doesn't solve the initial reason that your lawn fell victim to disease.

Another great way to prevent lawn disease is with yearly aeration and overseeding treatments, as this will loosen up your compacted soil and encourage healthy growth in the coming year.

Do you suspect your lawn is showing signs of fungal disease? Call us for an estimate.

The team at Green Turf Care is available to help eliminate lawn and fungal diseases throughout the Lehigh Valley and surrounding Lehigh Valley areas such as Bethlehem, Emmaus, Macungie, Allentown, and more. Call us today at (484) 452-3595 for an estimate on eliminating diseases from your yard.

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