Not everyone was born with a green thumb, while others would rather spend their time doing anything but yardwork — we get that! Don’t hope that your lawn diligence renders fruitful, get it guaranteed!

Nothing is more disappointing than getting a brown, patchy lawn that you had so many plans for! A backyard slip-n-slide for your kids or a soccer field — a place where your family and friends could kick back and relax and enjoy the wonders of a Schnecksville summer.

We have a solution!

Leading Lawn Care Services in Schnecksville!

When you leave the lawn care to the professionals, we work in almost every season to prepare a vibrant, thick lawn for summer.

6-Step Fertilization – As we mentioned above, we’re working on your lawn year-round imparting our 6-step fertilization process. Each step is applied in a different season and tackles weeds and optimizes how your lawn gets nutrients

Flea and Tick Control – These pests are bad news when it comes to your lawn. They like to burrow and breed under the protection of a warm, humid lawn. Don’t let fleas and ticks get out of hand this summer, and call for our pests control services!

Aeration and Seeding – These are two vital parts to a healthy lawn — aeration reduces compaction to get nutrients to your lawn, and seeding restores any brown, patchy areas.

Grub Control – If you’ve had issues with grubs, it’s important to get ahead of the issue this summer, and we can help!

Premier Soil Aeration – Don’t waste your money on products that don’t work! Find out more about this product and when to use it for a great lawn in-between our services!

Begin your green grass journey with us today!