The Effective Steps in Removing Common Chickweed

When your lawn is overgrown with Common Chickweed, you need the best lawn service that Allentown, PA can provide. There are many professionals that can help you eliminate the infestation in your lawn. When you don’t have many options for lawn service in your area, you can use these lawn care tips to handle the weeds yourself.

One of the keys to eliminating Chickweed is understanding what it is. This weed is common in both the lawn and garden. If left alone the weed can grow into a huge problem, which is why early detection and treatment is imperative. When Chickweed grows out of control, it can be extremely difficult to control.

Learn how to remove Chickweed using these handy lawn care tips. If these fail you can also look up the right lawn service in Allentown, PA that can help. Like most weeds, early detection is important to controlling and managing Chickweed in your lawn.

How to kill Chickweed lawn service tips

Pull up Chickweed – To remove Chickweed, grab at the base of the plant and work up to remove from the soil. When this weed is pulled up, the affected soil should always be aerated. This prevents the taproot from returning and taking hold again. This can be done with a shovel or a spade.

Put gashes into the soil that are between 2 and 3 inches deep. Spread them out from one to two square feet and spread weed killer over the soil.

Herbicides – There are many popular herbicides that can kill Chickweed. One of the most popular is called Triplet, which is an important aid in your lawn care. Most lawn service professional prefer to use this herbicide along with a surfactant in small controlled amounts to control the return of Chickweed.

These can also be applied to the soil where the weed has been removed. When in doubt look up the best lawn service that Allentown, PA has to offer.

Timing – Chickweed can spread quickly through the dispersal of seeds. That’s why taking action as soon as possible is the biggest key to killing chickweed. Carefully looking over your lawn to spot this weed requires periodic inspection. Failure to take action can cause a serious infestation that can quickly overgrow and snuff out your healthy lawn in no time.

Take the proper action to prevent lawn care issues and keep your lawn healthy and green. If you find yourself at your wit’s end, look up the best lawn service in your area to help.

Although you can use both methods to kill Chickweed, the best way to remove this weed is manually. Careful removal will require the entire taproot to be removed. This keeps the weed from coming back into your lawn. Whether you choose to eradicate chickweed manually or with an herbicide is up to you. The most important factor is of course timing, you want to remove the chickweed before it has time to set seed.

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