Ready to Bocce?

Bocce is a fun outdoor ball sport that makes up for great exercise and even greater fun. It may not be as tiring or strenuous as football but once you start playing you will end up spending a lot of pent up energy, and of course a lot of fun. Today when most people have little or no time to exercise, Bocce is a great sport to work on your mind and body.

The Need

While you can choose to play any game or sport the idea is to play! We are all so busy sitting on our desks and chairs that we don’t realize how little we really move. Living such a lazy and inactive schedule makes us even more tired and drains out all the mental and physical energy. Playing a sport like bocce refreshes our brain and body, gives us the required amount of exercise and the best part is that is so interesting that exercising feels like fun. The many benefits of playing bocce include:

  • It increases your stamina
  • Helps you expend energy and relieve stress
  • Works on the complete body
  • Enhances flexibility
  • Exercises the mind, thus improving mental health
  • It is a great form of cardio and an apt daily or weekend exercise
  • Requires little equipment
  • Can be enjoyed together by the entire family

Use your Lawn Space

Your lawn is the perfect place to not just soak in the sun and relax but also indulge in sports and exercises. You can turn your lawn into a bocce playfield and minimize the effort of going out in search of a field or park. With proper maintenance and care of your lawn you can ensure that it does not lose its natural beauty and neither does it get ruined when you play and jump around. 

Looking for ‘lawn maintenance near me’?

Green Turf Care offers the best of lawn care and maintenance services to ensure your lawn looks beautiful and great no matter what you do! Playing bocce or any sport in the lawn may cause it to get a little damaged in parts and regular maintenance will ensure that it stays proper all through the year. With us, your lawn will continue to be the pride of your home. Spend quality and fun time with your friends and family playing bocce in your own beautiful lawn.