Enjoy a Game of Badminton in your own Greens!

Taking care of our health through sports and fitness regimes is crucial to living a long and healthy life. Most people are too tired or lazy after a long day at work over the weekend to make the effort of going out and indulging in fitness activities. This leads to an inactive and sedentary lifestyle that poses many health risks in the long run.

Is there a solution? YES! Start playing Badminton.

You can make your own lawn into your fun and fitness space. Badminton is a great way to exercise and keep your body and mind fresh and active. All you need is your lawn and a partner to play with and exercise becomes fun instead of forced. A well maintained lawn not only improves the health, look and purpose of your home but also gives you the opportunity to improve your health and life.

Benefits of Badminton:

  • It’s a great form of cardio as it involves running, lunging, diving; thus working on every muscle.
  • It improves your stamina and reflexes
  • It tones the muscles and is great for achieving a well toned body.
  • It helps reduce stress and anxiety as physical fitness enhances mental fitness.
  • You can spend more time with friends and family at home, while not being inactive
  • You improve your flexibility
  • It enhances weight loss
  • Reduces risk of the many lifestyles related health issues.

Badminton in your own lawn.

Playing badminton in your own lawn is the most convenient and hassle free way of keeping yourself fit and active. Whether you want to play a friendly match without a net and court markings, want to put just a tent or build a proper badminton court, you can do it all in your own lawn. This allows you the flexibility to choose the time you want to play without having to wait for turns or timings!

At Green Turf Care we offer lawn maintenance services that ensure your lawn is always green and healthy. Whether it’ a one-time service you are looking for or a regular ‘lawn maintenance near me’ service- we are there for you! Our team of professionals ensure timely and quality services to suit your exact needs. Playing badminton in your own lawn is the best way to lead a healthy and active life, without compromising on quality time with your loved ones.