Your toes will thank you for the quality lawn care treatments we provide to Macungie’s neighborhoods, after all, a Green Turf Care lawn is easy to spot!

They’re lusciously green, healthy, and thick in addition to being grub, pest, and weed free!

The Green Turf Care Difference

We’re very hands-on when it comes to our Macungie lawn care services — we simply don’t spray and say goodbye, we’re here season-by-season prepping your lawn for greener days!

The lawn care treatment that aids and abets the best yards in Macungie include:

  • 6-Step Fertilization – Experience a green, healthy lawn every summer with the benefits of our 6-step fertilization program that assists your lawn season-by-season.
  • Aeration and Seeding – Compaction is one of the biggest concerns that keep you from a thriving lawn. Learn more about our aeration and lawn seeding services.
  • Premier Liquid Aeration – Looking for ways to keep your lawn healthy when we’re away? Our liquid aeration product is perfect for you to use to cultivate a vibrant lawn.
  • Grub Control – Steer clear of a lawn that is destroyed by grubs and get preventative care today!
  • Flea and Tick Control – Flea and ticks can cause major health problems for people and they’re great at hiding in your grasses healthy ecosystem! Stop their lifecycle today with a flea and tick treatment!

If your toes are ready for a show-free summer glissading through the finest grass you’ll find in Macungie, connect with us today!