Why Hiring a Lawn Care Company (Aeration Service) is Worth It

Fertilizing, mowing, aerating, and weeding when done right, maintaining your lawn can be quiet and enjoyment! Hiring a lawn care company is worth it! Find out why!

There are some homeowners who claim to enjoy mowing the lawn, fertilizing it regularly, and etc. However, there are others who would rather spend the rest of the day reading a book, relaxing with family, and doing anything besides spending 3-4 hours taking care of the yard.

After a long day of work, who needs more work? Right?

That is where lawn care companies come in!

Leave fertilizing, mowing, aerating, and weeding to the experts and spend your afternoons and weekends enjoying rather than working on your lawn.

6 Reasons to Hire a Lawn Care Company

While a lawn can be aesthetic and improve the overall appeal of your home, it takes a lot of work. For many people, a great solution would be to hire aeration or fertilizing service.

Here are 6 reasons why you need to consider hiring a lawn care company:

#1. It Saves You Time: You are too busy to deal with your lawn after a long day at work. Your weekends are filled with various activities and you don’t want to sacrifice your time well spent with family and friends. When do you have time to take care of your lawn? To mow, fertilize, aerate, and much more? Having a beautiful and healthy lawn requires a lot of work. You can still enjoy your yard with a pro company mowing, fertilizing, and aerating the lawn for you.

#2. Hiring a Lawn Company, Fertilization or Aeration Service Don’t Involve a Long-Term Contract: A lot of people think that hiring a lawn company requires signing on a long-term contract. The company is here to take care of your lawn needs. It is up to you to decide whether you want the company/service to take care of your lawn once a week, once a month or once a year. If you want a green and beautiful lawn, it is best to leave it all to professionals and allow them to take care of everything in winter, spring, summer, and fall.

#3. Additional Lawn and Landscape Services: If you are so busy with your life, ask for additional lawn and landscape services. Visit Green Turf Care website and read about the extra services offered.  

#4. Improve Aesthetics: Using a professional lawn care company means you will deal with lawn experts. The experts will improve the appearance of your yard and ensure your lawn is weekly mowed. Green Turf Care has trusted and experienced professionals who can offer you additional services like flea & tick services, fertilization service, grub control, aeration & seeding, and much more. The team can create a drawn plan, customized to your lawn and present it to you before starting to work on it.

#5. Prevent Pests & Control Weeds: Another way you could benefit from hiring a lawn care company is preventing pests. I’m sure you know that pests, squirrels, mice, and rabbits can have a destructive impact on the vegetation. When you hire professional assistance to take care of your lawn, the company will use an integrated pest management system to get rid of all pests. Not only you will keep pests out of your lawn, but you will also make sure the vegetation is not destroyed. Green Turf Care can also help you control the growth of weeds. Weed control is a little bit challenging to do by yourself. Let professionals prevent pervasive and destructive weeds destroy your beautiful lawn. By pulling wild weeds and adding aid to the lawn, you will be able to enjoy fresh and clean lawn in no time.

#6. Increase the Longevity of Your Lawn: The final benefit of hiring a lawn care company is making your lawn look even healthier and greener. Green Turf Care uses high-quality and EPA-approved products that treat your lawn right. As a parent, you will want to make your yard a safe area for your children and pets. Using the right products will also help increase the longevity of the lawn and allow it to last for decades.

If you want to take a break from your mowing, fertilizing or aerating responsibilities, let professional lawn care company help you!

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Why Aerate Your Lawn?

Did you know that golf courses are aerated twice per year? If you were wondering how does the grass look so green, now you know – because of aeration.

One of the best lawn care treatments professional lawn care companies offer is aeration.

Aeration is a very good treatment for all kinds of grass. It also benefits in other ways:

  • Reduces weeds
  • Improves drainage
  • Promotes Root Growth
  • Reduces thatch
  • Improves fertilizer intake
  • Enhance soil water uptake
  • Improves air exchange between the atmosphere and the soil
  • Stronger turfgrass roots

There are two types of aeration:

  • Aerivating: This type uses a machine with vibrations that penetrate the soil. The machine vibrates at such speed that they divide compaction successfully. In dry weather, this process is most effective. If the soil is moist, it is better to use core aeration – the second type of aeration.
  • Core aeration: Core plugging or core aeration is the most popular way of aerating the grass and your lawn. There is a special aerating machine that takes out plugs of soil and leaves them on the lawn surface. Damaging the sprinklers is a common problem, especially if you are doing aeration by yourself. To avoid destroying the sprinklers, flag your sprinkler heads before using the machine. Or simpler – hire lawn aeration service that will do the job for you. Core aeration breaks up the soil, allows air to get into the system, allow nutrients and water into the roots, and etc. Most lawn owners decide to aerate in fall. Afterward, apply fall fertilizer and grass seed to help your lawn fill in.

Aeration tips and tricks:

Here are a few aeration tips and tricks to keep in mind:

  • Always aerate in fall: You can aerate anytime from spring to fall. However, aerating in fall is ideal as you can apply a fall fertilizer which is very high in phosphorus. The fall fertilizer supports root growth. Fall is also recommended season to overseed. Overseeding your lawn is helpful after aeration as you have just removed plugs from the soil. The best technique to get a beautiful outdoor space is through overseeding aeration.
  • Don’t ever take out the plugs: When aerating your lawn, it is tempting to take out the plugs of soil. Yes, we understand you – they look like dog poops. But, it is best to leave them until the very end. The plugs soften into the environment within 10-15 days.
  • Minimum two passes with the aerator: In some areas where the turf is compacted and weak, more than one pass with the aerator is necessary. If you hire an aeration service, you wouldn’t have to worry about any possible issues or complications.

Why is aeration absolutely necessary?

Compact soil blocks the grass from growing a healthy root and heeps fertilizer and water from coming to the roots.

It is common in most lawns, the fertile topsoil to be removed during digging or mining of the basement. The new grass is more compact and less likely to support a healthy and green lawn.

Mowing, playing, walking, and other activities will additionally stress the lawn and compact the soil. Irrigation and raindrops further affect the soil. The end result is reduced large air space where healthy roots grow. On heavy clay soils, the compaction is even greater.

Aeration can help sooth soil compaction. It also allows the grass to grow stronger and deeper roots and make better use of fertilizer and water.

What is thatch accumulation and how can aeration help?

A thatch layer can stop the movement of water, air, fertilizer, and other materials to move to the roots. These materials are necessary for vigorous and healthy turf growth.

And since thatch restricts the movement of water and air, the grass tends to root within the thatch to get to these necessary resources. Known as a poor growing medium, thatch reduces drought tolerance of your turf. If the thatch dries out, it can’t be moisturized easily.

Even if the thatch stays hydrated, it can accommodate fungi that cause all kinds of turf diseases. When moisture conditions and temperatures rise, a disease can destroy the weakened turf.

To determine if your lawn has thatch accumulation problem, cut out a small plug of turf and examine it. Above the mineral soil, notice the layer of material. If the later is more than ½-¾ inch thick, you should consider hiring a professional aeration service that will help you deal with this problem.

With aeration, you can relieve thatch accumulation.

There are home lawns that are exposed to thatch accumulation. If left uncontrolled, it hinders fertilizer, water, and pesticide effect. Aeration mixes soul with thatch debris. The soils are able to break the thatch and automatically reduce its accumulation.

Ongoing maintenance discourages thatch accumulation. Frequent mowings are also helpful. Make sure to maintain your grass at a 2-3 inch height.

Aerating your lawn and amending the soil with potassium, phosphorus, and lime lead to a healthy and green lawn.

Fertilizers, herbicides, and aeration

When aerated, it is best to do it before you add pre-emergence herbicides. Adding the herbicides after is not a big issue, however, it is better for the grass and roots to add them before. Aerating after adding pre-emergence herbicides can reduce the chemical process formed by the pre-emergence herbicides. Also, the weeb may grow and we don’t want that to happen. Adding fertilizer after the aeration process is over helps the lawn compete against wild weeds. After aeration, it is also helpful to water the lawn. Pay attention to areas where high temperatures and drought are common.

Where to find aeration near me?

Green Turf Care will take care of aeration and overseeding!

For a healthy and green lawn in the summer and spring, lawn aeration is absolutely necessary. If you have children or pets and your lawn is their playground, you can benefit a lot from aeration. Green Turf Care and aeration service are highly recommended for lawns with heavy use to prevent soil compaction.

If your lawn feels dehydrated and unhealthy, the thatch may be overgrown. In this case, extensive aeration is highly recommended. Aeration is one of the best treatments to get a lush and thick lawn worth enjoying.

With Green Turf Care and the best aeration service, you will help your lawn breathe lighter!

What can you expect after aeration?

After aeration, your lawn will look healthier and greener. It will be dotted with plugs pulled right from the soil. As we already mentioned, after 10-15 days, the plugs break apart and disappear into the grass. You won’t even notice them. Your lawn specialist will remove small plus, soil, and thatch from your lawn.

About one week after aeration, the holes will be filled with actively growing and strong roots. This is a sign that the turfgrass is receiving moisture, oxygen, and nutrients from the soil. You may start to see new roots in the aerated holes.

On lawns with lots of slopes and on compacted soils, you will notice a difference in water puddling, especially after rainfall or irrigation.

Once the experts from Green Turf Care are done with aeration, your lawn should be able to sustain longer between two or more waterings, without any signs of wilt.

With repeat aerations, your lawn will show improved heat, as well as, drought stress resistance.

Most lawns benefit from monthly or annual aeration. Lawns that receive this treatment will be easier to maintain, healthier, and have fewer pest problems.

Ready to give your lawn a breath of fresh aeration?

If you notice bare or thin patches, water puddles after rain or too much thatch, consider aeration immediately.

Give Green Turf Care a call and increase the effectiveness of your lawn care! 

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