Preparing Your Lawn For Backyard Games

Did you know?

There was a time when lawn care in Bethlehem, PA was on-point. A time when every backyard lawn also doubled as a cricket pitch. Lawns were of the same grass, were open and sunny places that got mown regularly before the sprinkler got put on.

Even though things have changed over time, your lawn can still be the perfect place for sports and similar activities. Whether it’s a Saturday spent with your buddies playing football – a Sunday spent with your children playing hide and seek – or a Monday afternoon full of cuddling on the grass – it definitely pays to have a lawn for sports activities.

So, what makes a lawn suitable for sports?

Below, we are listing the ultimate checklist to proper lawn care in Bethlehem, PA.

1. Invest in top-quality grass seeds

The first thing you need to do when preparing your lawn for sports and backyard games is to invest in a high-quality grass. Knowing that you are going to run, lay and play all day – you need a grass type that is hard wearing and fast recovering.

Our advice would be to plant 50% tall fescue and 50% perennial ryegrass.  This is a popular athletic field mix with 50% turf type tall fescue for long durability and 50% perennial ryegrass to quickly fill worn areas.

2. Locate your lawn in the sunniest spot available to you

Next on the lawn care in Bethlehem, PA checklist is something most lawn owners never thought about – the sunny spots in their lawn.

It’s simple. If playing sport and backyard games is a key consideration for your lawn, you should locate it in the sunniest spot available to you. The truth is, all lawn types appreciate at least half a day of sun in order to recover from wear in the best way possible.

3. The more intense activity you wish to play is, the better prepared your lawn needs to be

In addition to positioning your lawn to get the most sun, you should also choose a hard wearing turf variety which is tough enough for your sport of choice. As we said above, 50% tall fescue and 50% perennial ryegrass are typically the choices for sports or other intense use. However, you should also know that your lawn care in Bethlehem, PA needs to be on point at any time possible, including regular mowing and fertilization to create a good playing surface.

4. Regular watering is a must

Your lawn is a living surface and that simply means that the grass needs water!  Sometimes, watering the lawn care be a lot of work!  It is very important for you to follow this needful lawn tip.  Here it is…Our advice is to limit your watering so that there is no runoff. If you see runoff, you definitely need to stop watering and wait until the water is absorbed into the ground.

Even though it’s tricky to see when a lawn has had enough to drink, the best rule of thumb is to make sure the water reaches the root system.

5. Hire professional lawn care in Bethlehem, PA for every season

If you don’t have the time to mow, water or fertilize your lawn in the right way, there is always the choice of hiring someone experienced in that manner. The truth is, a choice like this will always assure you that you will have the perfect lawn for sports.

And even if you do take care of your lawn yourself and ensure it looks like a MLB field, you can use the help of a professional every now and then.

At Green Turf Care, we are more than just experienced when it comes to lawns. Our experts know the drill behind making your lawn full of green grass. Dense enough to absorb the most brutal falls and green enough to make you sure that it’s healthy, using our service will make your lawn thank you.

For more information on our lawn services in Bethlehem, PA, contact us today via phone or email!