How To Have A Dream Lawn: The Only 8-Step Guide You Need

Let’s face it – we all want the very best for ourselves. Some of the best things in life are having a dream wife or husband, having a dream car and most importantly, a dream home. However, there is nothing that tells the story of a dream home quite like a dream lawn.

Most people now want homes with a beautiful landscape and greenery. A beautiful home that has a lush green lawn is also known to be the most ideal feature for most homeowners. Basically, a lawn makes the house complete – but also serves as the perfect space where your kids can run, your pets can relax and where you can spend those summer days and nights full of fun.

Even if you are living alone, a dream lawn will make most of your needs and help you enjoy a quiet day at home with the plush green view. However…

Lawns are not as idyllic as we described them above. The truth is it takes a lot of time, money and patience to create your dream lawn, and a lot of resources and tools to begin with. It all starts with finding the perfect Allentown lawn service and lawn care specialists – or focusing on the challenging project yourself.

However, what most people fail to realize is that the work done by a professional when it comes to lawn care in Allentown is the only work that guarantees results, and saves you time and money. So, are you ready to take on this green project and have a dream lawn?

Every single dream starts with a plan. That is why today, we are listing all the steps to having a dream lawn – from the very first to the very last one.

Step 1: Understanding The Benefits Of Your Lawn

The first and foremost step is where you get to understand the benefits of your own lawn. Contrary to your beliefs, a lawn is not only a place for relaxing, having fun or your inspirational sanctuary. In fact, having a dream lawn comes with both tangible and intangible benefits.

Some of the most important benefits include:

  • environmental benefits – a well-maintained lawn provides you with a cooler and quieter space, helps in breathing and saves your soil by knitting it together
  • home benefits – a dream lawn will definitely help you sell your home at a dream price
  • health and well-being – by breathing the fresh air and seeing your dream lawn, your health is on the rise, as well as the health of your family

Therefore, it is safe to say that lawn care in Allentown is more than just about having a house that looks nice – but actually living in a house that offers a healthier, better and more relaxing environment.

Step 2: A Dream Lawn Is A Lawn You Care For Every Season

The second thing after understanding all of the benefits a dream lawn can offer you – is the realization that no matter what lawn care service in Allentown you choose, your lawn should be taken care of during every season.

More precisely, the activities your lawn care provider in Allentown or yourself should do per season are:

  • Spring: Fertilizing, controlling the weeds and mowing
  • Summer: Giving your lawn a light feeding if needed, controlling the insects, preventing grubs, mowing and watering it
  • Early Fall: Fertilizing, sowing grass seed, dethatching or aerating if needed, mowing and watering as needed
  • Late Fall: Fertilizing it, controlling broadleaf weeds, mowing as long as the grass grows, raking the leaves and watering if needed
  • Late Winter: Cleaning up the matted leaves and debris, starting to mow, fertilize and preventing crabgrass from occurring

As you can see , lawn care in Allentown is a regular job. In other words, every dream lawn needs maintenance so that it lushes in a green vibe every late spring – but even then- you have to take care of it or find a professional landscaping company to do it.

Step 3: Sprinklers And Irrigation Systems

No matter if you choose DIY or professional lawn care in Allentown, you should definitely gear up your lawn with some sprinklers and irrigation systems. It is exactly these systems that make the soil better and help the grass go green and lush.

There are basically five different types of sprinklers, including

  • stationary sprinklers – the most basic option which is cost-effective but also prone to clogging – which is why it is suitable for smaller areas only
  • impact and rotary sprinklers – rotating through the combined action of a spring loaded counterweight bouncing off the water stream
  • oscillating sprinklers – moving a fan of water over large, rectangular areas
  • revolving sprinklers – shooting jets of water in circular pattern from one or more rotating arms
  • traveling sprinklers – moving by themselves and spraying like revolving sprinklers with spinning arms while traveling along a track of hose

The best way to buy sprinklers is to go to your nearest store and ask around or talk with an expert in that area. Basically, some of the features that you should be looking for in a sprinkler include:

  • choosing sprays or rotary nozzles, based on the water pressure of your house
  • looking into the possibilities for your area – ex. if your lawn is narrow and wide, you should look for sprinklers that are appropriate for narrower areas (with not that big reach)
  • if your lawn is greater than 30×30 inches in dimensions, rotors may be the best solution for it
  • if the area that is beyond the lawn should not get watered, you should get rotary nozzle or spray-type sprinklers

Step 4: Water Conservation

Water conservation is another important issue with lawn care in Allentown, especially in regions where droughts are more likely to occur – or more present. However, no matter where you live, you should plan ahead. A thing to know is that a healthy and well-fertilized lawn stays greener longer during dry periods.

Additionally, a healthy and vigorous lawn that is well managed by a lawn care service in Allentown (or yourself) will endure and recover best from a drought. Here, the most important principles that aid the conservation include:

  • the fertility – lawns that are starved may have a smaller root system making them inefficient at obtaining water from the soil
  • the mowing height – the higher you mow, the deeper your roots are and the more water-efficient your lawn is
  • the watering – if you adapt your lawn to deep and infrequent irrigation before a drought begins, it will likely suffer the most because of its shallow root system

Also, it is important to mention that there are some high-end devices that help with water conservation such as soil-moisture sensors that monitor the soil and prevent the system from operating on schedule – and sensors that monitor rainfall that shut the irrigation system whenever it starts to rain.

Step 5: Mowing Your Lawn

One of the main processes when taking care for your lawn is mowing it. Whether it is you who is doing that,, your husband or even a professional lawn care provider in Allentown, mowing is an integral part of the lush green carpet that serves as your cushion.

At the same time, mowing is one of the least favorite items on the to-do lists of homeowners, because of the time that it usually consumes and the attention to detail that you must have when doing it.

The first thing you will need to do here is to match the mower to the size of your lawn. The list below makes it easy to find your best mowing style:

  • if your lawn is less than 1,000 square feet, the best way to mow is reel or rotary, self-powered or electric.
  • if your lawn is from 1,000 to 5,000 square feet, the best way to mow is with 20-inch wide gasoline-powered or rechargeable electric rotary mower
  • if your lawn is from 5,000 to 20,000 square feet, the best way to mow is with 22-inch wide and self-propelled gasoline engine
  • if your lawn is more than 20,000 square feet, the best way to mow is with a riding mower or tractor

There are many different types of mowers, including

  • gas-powered mowers – ideal for yards up to a half acre in size
  • electric mowers – they don’t pollute the air and are quiet and easy to maintain, as well as affordable
  • battery-powered mowers – much easier to maneuver but also a bit more expensive
  • riding mowers – more expensive and probably the most powerful

The bottom line when it comes to mowing is that aside from it being a time-consuming activity, the maintenance for your mower as well as the money you spend for it may be best relocated to a professional lawn service in Allentown.

Either way you choose, having a well-mowed lawn is definitely one of the crucial steps to a dream lawn.

Step 6: Managing Thatch (Dethatching) & Aerating

Although these are two processes, we have decided to cover them under one step. Basically, thich thatch is one of the enemies of every lawn – and the best way to define it is as a layer of dead and living grass shoots, stems and roots that shows between the soil and grass blades in your lawn.

There are many myths and facts when it comes to managing thatch. Although people think that all thatch is bad, some can be natural and beneficial for you lawn. However, thatch is generally bad because it:

  • sheds water
  • incubates disease and shelters pests
  • interferes with your pest control, seeding and feeding
  • results in scalped patches of lawn

The best way to dethatch is to follow the rule ‘prevention is the key’ and always water properly, follow the annual fertilizer program and apply lime or sulfur if a soil test indicates that the pH in your lawn is too high or low.

When it comes to dethatching, it is a process of cutting through the thatch layer and ripping out the debris. However, it is best for small lawns and people who enjoy hard physical work. If you are not that type you can leave dethatching to the professionals and get an expert lawn service in Allentown.

Last but not least of the many processes is aerating, a process also known as coring or aerifying. Since it is the best way to reduce thatch, we have categorized it in the same step. Basically, the equipment you need for proper aerating is an aerator, a machine that helps you aerate during the grass’s peak growth period.

Step 7: The Finishing Touches

The edges of your lawn where the grass meets have a big impact for your area. Just like your haircut, the smallest details can make or break the look of your dream lawn as well. That is why you should also consider and take care of the many finishing touches when it comes to your dream lawn.

Essentially, these finishing touches include purchasing some new tools and materials for keeping your lawn looking nice, which include:

  • string trimmers – powered by either engine or electric motor, these trimmers are powerful and versatile, offering you utmost flexibility
  • edgers – helping you remove the organic matter and windblown soil at the edges of your lawn
  • leaf blowers – as the name itself implies, ready to blow away the leaves and debris

These three essentials are definitely great for taking care of your dream lawn and giving it the finishing touches.

Step 8: Doing Lawn Care On Your Own Vs. Choosing A Professional Service

Last but not the least is…

One of the biggest dilemmas when it comes to lawns – their maintenance and care. Knowing that many homeowners got ‘a thing’ for their lawns, it is hard to make them even think about a professional service. They love spending time in the lawn – but sometimes – that time can be too much.

There are a lot of discussions about DIY vs. professional lawn care in Allentown. While the first one requires a lot of time, money and tools, the second one looks costly in the long run. In order to see which is the right choice for you, let’s list the pros and cons of both choices.

DIY Lawn Care


  • you get to mow your lawn and spend time in it
  • the proud feeling of taking care for your home
  • saving money you would rather give to lawn care services in Allentown


  • costly equipment
  • a lot of time dedicated to taking care of the lawn
  • amortization of tools
  • replacement of tools (after 3-4 seasons)
  • storage for the tools and equipment
  • the risk of potential injuries

As you can see, the cost of DIY lawn care in Allentown isn’t there. However, there are a lot of potential tools and equipment you need to buy (lawn food, winterizers, turfbuilders, halts, weed control etc) that come down to a rough $200 per season.

Professional Lawn Care


  • you have professional lawn care company in Allentown looking after your lawn
  • regular maintenance, re-seeding etc.
  • no need to buy or amortize any equipment or tools, hence no need to store them
  • no injuries


  • a tad more expensive than DIY lawn care
  • applied by the discretion of the lawn care service – making you change them over time
  • not knowing whether there are better lawn care services in Allentown until you try

Having your lawn maintained by a professional lawn care service in Allentown is, as you can see, a tad more expensive decision that charges around $70 per application, which rounds up to around $280 over one year. However, you get your free time and storage – which for many people is crucial to a dream lawn.

So, What Is Better For The Lawn Of Your Dreams?

There are people who are DIY-ers and then there are people who love hiring professional lawn services in Allentown for their dream lawn. Now, both of these people will tell you that either one is the best decision.

Just like apples and oranges, there is no best decision when it comes to your dream lawn. Instead, the best decision lies in your ability to organize yourself, gear up or pay someone to maintain your lawn. If your schedule can fit an hour or two per day of going around the lawn – as well as learning about lawn care – you should definitely try it.

Every dream starts with a plan. So, if you lay out what kind of grass do you want, know what it is going to be used for and start researching – you can get your dream lawn even sooner than you think. You can always ask around your friends, relatives, coworkers or even Google for the best practices with lawn care in Allentown.

Just like every dream starts with a plan, every swan starts out as an ugly duck. No matter how ugly or unorganized your lawn space is, the good thing about lawn care in Allentown is that you can get immediate results in as soon as one or two seasons – as long as you are prepared and patient while learning about it.

And if you have no time to create the lawn of your dreams by yourself, at least you know that there are experts specializing in it. Speaking of experts…

Green Turf Care – Your Best Choice For A Dream Lawn

In fact, we make it easy to use a lawn service in Allentown – and not even consider doing it yourself. Our specialists are friendly, communicative and going all the extra miles to show you how important taking care for your lawn is during every season.

From fertilization programs to aeration, over seeding, grub control, flea and tick removal, weed control and all of the details we shared in this guide – we specialize in making your lawn perfect and seeing you happy for the rest of your life.

So, are you interested in joining us to a better future – where you sit, play, relax and have fun on your dream lawn?

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