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We treat our customers' lawns for pests, insects, disease, weeds and offer the best lawn care services that include fertilization, aeration, and overseeding.

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Expert lawn care for those in the Laurys Station, PA area.

We fertilize lawns, eliminate insects, combat weed growth, and more for your lawn.

Laurys Station, which was originally known as "Slate Dam," lies in North Whitehall Township of Pennsylvania's Lehigh County. Laurys Station is located southeast of Slatington and north of Allenton. This census-designated place (CDP) sits along both the Lehigh River and Pennsylvania Route 145. It's home mostly to families and is part of the Parkland School District.

Here at Green Turf Care, we help homes, businesses, and HOAs maintain their lawns. Our company offers expert lawn care services to properties located throughout the Laurys Station, PA region. We eliminate insects, combat weed growth, and more for your grass. Below, you can check out our comprehensive lawn care services in more detail.

Choose Our Lawn Care Providers for fertilization services and to Combat Weeds & Lawn Diseases

Fertilizer laying in a customer lawn in front of their home in Laurys Station, PA.

If you have noticed weeds or lawn diseases present in your grass, allow our lawn care providers to combat these issues head-on. We offer the following services in Laurys Station, PA:

We effectively remove weeds like ground ivy and wild garlic and cure your lawn of diseases like red thread and rust. With your lawn free of weeds and diseases, we like to make sure that it has the nutrients it needs to establish a strong root system. This way, it will be more resilient and better equipped to fight off issues in the future. Through our fertilization services, we provide your lawn with nutrients like phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium to ensure it can thrive for the long-term.

We Eliminate Insects Like White Grubs, Armyworms, & Sod Webworms from Your Lawn

When they are allowed to roam freely in your lawn, insects can transmit diseases, damage your grass, and cause localized pain when they bite humans or pets. We offer the following insect control treatments for your lawn in Laurys Station, PA:

As part of our lawn insect and pest control services, we eliminate common insects like fleas, ticks, armyworms, grubs, sod webworms, and chinch bugs using specialized treatments. When it comes to larger pests, we are equipped to eradicate your yard of animals like voles and moles that can cause extensive lawn damage through their tunneling habits.

Opt for Aeration Services Once a Year to Loosen Compacted Soil

Close up of our team aerating a clients lawn.

Ideally, you should opt for aeration once a year to loosen compacted soil. If your lawn's soil is not loosened, your grass roots may not receive enough nutrients, water, and sunlight. We offer both liquid and core aeration, and our team will help you determine the type that will be most beneficial to your lawn. If you opt for core aeration, we usually recommend overseeding as well so your lawn can grow more fully. Check out some of the services we can implement to restore and maintain your Laurys Station lawn:

Does your Laurys Station home, business, or HOA Property require lawn care services? Reach out to us today!

We are a full-service lawn care provider servicing homes, businesses, and HOAs in Laurys Station, PA and the surrounding areas. Our team is in constant contact with our clients, so you can rest assured that we will meet your lawn's needs and adapt its care schedule as necessary. Reach out to us today at (484) 452-3595 to enlist our lawn care services.

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