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Fertilization, insect control, and disease control are just a few of our lawn care services.

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Full-service lawn care company for those in Kutztown, PA.

As a comprehensive lawn care provider, we treat your lawn for insects, pests, and diseases as well as fertilize it in the spring, summer, and fall.

Kutztown, PA, which was incorporated in 1815, is Berk County's second oldest borough. Kutztown is home to fascinating historic places like the Kutztown 1892 Public School Building and H.K Deisher Knitting Mill. This area is famous for the Kutztown Folk Festival, which runs for about a week every year in late June and early July. Residents enjoy visiting outdoor attractions like Crystal Cave, which is a show cave filled with mesmerizing rock formations.

As a comprehensive lawn care provider located in and around Kutztown, PA, we treat your lawn for insects, pests, and diseases as well as fertilize it in the spring, summer, and fall. Our full-service lawn care company also offers other services to residential, commercial, and HOA properties including aeration and overseeding.

We Fertilize & Target Pesky Weeds Present in Your Lawn

To eliminate pesky weeds and prevent them from showing up in the first place, we have two important services available for your Kutztown lawn:

Dandelions taking over a lawn in Kutztown, PA.

Through our fertilization services, we provide your lawn with three essential nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Your grass uses these nutrients to establish a strong root system and become more resilient overall. Beginning in early spring, we fertilize your lawn throughout the summer and into late fall to ensure that it does not lack the nutrients it needs.

If pesky weeds like thistle, henbit, broadleaf plantain, or chickweed invade your lawn, then we will effectively remove them through our weed control services.

We Treat Your Lawn for Insects, Pests, & Diseases

Your lawn in the Lehigh Valley area may be susceptible to insects, diseases, and pests. Fleas, ticks, white grubs, bluegrass billbugs, voles, and moles are all common insects and pests found in Kutztown, PA. We have tried-and-true insect and pest removal techniques to protect your lawn's condition and family's health. If diseases like red thread or dollar spot take over your lawn, we will eradicate them using fungicides.

Check out how we combat issues with your lawn in more detail:

Aeration & Overseeding Are Some of Our Other Lawn Care Services

Some of our other lawn care services include:

Small holes punctured in a lawn with our mechanical aeration machine.

Through aeration, we free up your lawn's compact soil. We will perform aeration through one of two methods. The first one is core aeration, which is done in the fall and involves the mechanical process of poking holes in your lawn. We always try to pair core aeration with overseeding so your lawn can grow greener and lusher.

The second type of aeration is liquid aeration, which is performed in the spring and is much more gentle on your lawn. We apply a potassium hydroxide solution to your lawn so that it seeps into your soil and allows nutrients to more easily pass through.

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We offer extensive lawn care services to residential, commercial, and HOA properties located in and around Kutztown, PA. From weed control and fertilization to aeration and overseeding, we can perform whatever services your lawn needs. Call us today at (484) 452-3595 to learn more about how we can improve the condition of your lawn.

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