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We live busy lives — from keeping up with work and the people we love — there’s not much time left for much else. And this includes lawn care! Caring for your lawn is — almost — a full-time job. You have to water, mow, and rake it, and this doesn’t even guarantee that it will pop up green and fresh in the warmer months!

So, delegate your lawn care to us! We’ll save you time, money, and energy — and guarantee a thick, full lawn each season.

Lawn Aeration and Overseeding in Kutztown

Lawn aeration and overseeding is a good practice to get into, especially on a regular basis. This alone reduces soil compaction and healthy root growth that makes for a healthy lawn!

Lawn Aeration

When we play, leap, and bound on our grass, naturally the pressure and the weight compact the soil underneath. When the soil is compacted, it can’t get all the nutrients it needs to thrive. This is where aeration plays an important role.

Lawn aeration improves the compaction by taking one to two-inch cores from your yard, throughout the whole thing. This allows for water and other nutrients to penetrate and fortify your lawn.  


Overseeding is great for your lawn because not only does it cover sparse or brown patches, it can introduce a new grass variety that can strengthen your grass. The best part about overseeding is it will fill in and make for a thick lawn, that looks amazing!

Green Turf Kutztown

Don’t sacrifice your lawn to another company or the DIY way and get wise with us! When you partner with us you’ll get an amazing staff of lawn care professionals who are kind as they are funny, and a lawn that is green and thick — every season!

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