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Green Turf Care is your best choice for a healthy and green lawn. By putting our knowledge into practice, we have been helping Kutztown residents to improve their lawn and impress everyone with its greenery.

We always make sure to work with quality turf that extends your lawn’s life and improves your property value. With decades of combined experience in residential and commercial lawn care in Kutztown, our team has been on the speed dial of many residents, business owners and property managers from every part of Pennsylvania.

We bring purpose and beauty to your lawn. With our services, we will show you that there is no lawn care in Kutztown, PA like ours – and that your yard can look at its best without you spending tons of money on it.

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Now is the time to compare the costs of doing lawn care yourself – with our affordable and transparent pricing and packages for all of the lawn services in Kutztown.

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Whether you are busy and can’t keep up with your lawn, have lack of experience with lawn care or want to get someone to keep an eye on your lawn at all times…

At Green Turf Care, we are your perfect answer!

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