What’s the secret to a lush, thick lawn? Hiring the lawn care experts in Kutztown!

Every homeowner desires an immaculate lawn, that’s been established. But then you have two options — do you go the way of the DIY method and hope for the best, or do you hire a professional lawn care company?

It takes a lot to cultivate and maintain a beautiful lawn, so if you want to do more than hope and wish that a green lawn will appear this season, count on the lawn care experts in Kutztown!

When you hire us you’ll get the following in return:

Time – Delegating your lawn care responsibilities to us is the best way to reclaim your time — now you can spend your evenings and weekends relaxing and doing more exciting things other than chores!  

Expertise – We have our 6-Step fertilization process dialed in, and we guarantee a healthy, green lawn in return. We’re also here to give you information on how to best care for your lawn between our lawn treatments.

Cost – Because we care for many lawns in the Kutztown area we can are able to better subsidize all the products and tools we need, making us efficient at what we do. You’ll save money in a lawn care service versus having to spend all your money on equipment and products, and we run specials periodically to thank our customers!  

Quality – We take the guesswork out of lawn care and give you a thick lawn season after season — you’ll never have to worry about a green lawn agin!

Our 6-Step Fertilization Program

To guarantee a verdant, rich lawn in the seasons that count (spring and summer) you need lawn treatments sprinkled in throughout the year. In each season we treat your lawn including:

  • Early spring
  • Early summer
  • Summer
  • Early fall
  • Fall
  • Late fall

We always have eyes on your yard!

For more information on how to get started, call today!