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Japanese stiltgrass growing near a Allentown, PA home.

Japanese Stiltgrass Control in the Greater Lehigh Valley, PA area

Let us target Japanese stiltgrass growth in your yard and strategically remove it so your lawn can be healthy again.

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Japanese stiltgrass treatments provided in Bethlehem, Allentown, and surrounding Pennsylvania communities.

This invasive species can cause some of the worst damage, according to the USDA.

Japanese stiltgrass growing on a Bethlehem, PA property.

Japanese stiltgrass is native to Japan, making it an invasive species. According to the US Department of Agriculture, it plagues forests in the eastern United States, destroying habitats and messing up ecosystems. It causes some of the worst damage in the area and can also spread to your lawn.

We provide Japanese stiltgrass treatments to homes, businesses, and HOAs throughout Allentown, Bethlehem, Emmaus, and the surrounding communities in Pennsylvania.

Learn more about this invasive species.

Japanese stiltgrass generally lives in forested areas, and if your property backs up to woods, your lawn could be in danger of falling victim to this invasive species. It is a very aggressive weed. If you suspect you have Japanese stiltgrass, make sure your lawn care professional takes accurate steps to identify it as there are a couple other plant species that closely resemble it such as Virginia cutgrass and Pennsylvania knotweed. Characteristics of Japanese stiltgrass include:

  • Shallow root system, easy to pull out of the ground
  • Both ends of the leaves are pointed
  • Leaves have a distinctive silvery midrib
  • Has multiple stems that directly branch off of the base of the plant
  • Can grow up to six feet tall
  • Foliage turns to a purple-brown color in fall
  • Looks bright tan or orange in the winter

Stiltgrass invasions do spread rapidly once they are in your lawn and their seeds can still grow for up to five years.

How do you manage a Japanese stiltgrass invasion?

Once the weed is in your lawn, it will not be a quick process to eliminate it. We can use a product called Acclaim to spray directly onto it. Generally, we spray in August to give it time to work, and then will aerate and overseed in September so new lawn growth can comptete with Japanese stiltgrass. This also helps to fill in any thinned out areas of your lawn, as the stiltgrass will otherwise overtake those spots. To completely get rid of this invasive plant, it will take multiple years of aeration and overseeding treatmentsto manage the invasion.

Pre-emergent crabgrass treatments can also help to prevent it from taking over. The plant is an annual but it will keep coming back again and again without treatment. Another preventative treatment would be to enroll in a fertilization and weed control program. We may also recommend that you spray at the edge of your lawn that meets the wooded area to create a border between the forest and your grass.

Worried about Japanese stiltgrass attacking your lawn? Our lawn care team is ready to fight it for you. 

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